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Bomb Girls: The Complete Second Series
Bomb Girls: The Complete Second Series   Throughout the Second World War,
  Canadian women were doing their bit
  for the war effort
some by working
  in munitions factories — and the second
  series of the smash hit series Bomb
continues to follow their lives,
  loves and tragedies as they support
  and befriend each other..

WHILE THEIR MEN ARE AWAY FIGHTING, essential war work at home in Canada — including the dangerous and highly-skilled construction of explosive devices — is carried out by strong and gutsy women. The story of these ladies continues in the ITV3 smash hit second series set in World War II, Bomb Girls.

In 1942, America has entered the war. However, as the Axis Powers are still winning major battles the outcome hangs in the balance. Canada is beginning to feel deeply the price of war with casualty lists, rationing, unseen enemies, unholy alliances and the very real danger of explosives.

Bomb Girls…
the second series has
kept up the pace nicely
with excellent,
poignant and addictive
and fine character
The men and women working at the Victory Munitions factory find ways of getting through the difficult war years in defiance of the hostilities as they form strong bonds of friendship and find love.

Wealthy factory owner Rollie Witham (James McGowan) and his wife Adele (Kate Hennig) live in a large mansion with their daughter Gladys (Jodi Balfour: Final Destination 5) and still continue to live the good life.

Determined to support the war effort, Gladys works alongside the girls in the factory. She is engaged to James Dunn (Sebastian Pigott: Being Erica), who is in England waiting to be posted to the front.

Under the watchful eye of supervisor Lorna Corbett (Meg Tilly: The Big Chill), young women from all walks of life work in the munitions factory, giving them the "best chance you'll get to give Hitler, Hirihoto and Mussolini a swift kick in the pants".

Lorna, whose frustrated husband Bob (Peter Outerbridge: Nikita) is wheelchair-bound, may run a tight ship, but she has a secret she has been having an affair with fellow worker Marco Moretti (Antonio Cupo), who is unable to fight because he is Italian.

Lorna is also supporting their daughter, Sheila (Natasha Greenblatt), a nurse at the hospital, in her wish to go to medical school; and their son, Sgt Gene Corbett (Brett Dier), is away in the forces.

Despite their hard and dangerous work one of the girls still bears scars from an accident the factory girls fight different battles for the same war; managing to find time to enjoy themselves. Dramas abound with storylines that include abortion, betrayal, tragedy, potential German spies and the dark side of being an Italian in Canada during the war when Marco's father is interned.

Originally intended as a six-part drama, Bomb Girls became such a smash hit with a fine sense of period and well-constructed characters and stories around them that it was inevitable we would see more of the girls. The second series has kept up the pace nicely with excellent, poignant and addictive storylines and fine character development.

US comedienne Rosie O'Donnell makes a special guest appearance and Bomb Girls also features: Charlotte Hegele as Kate Andrews; Ali Liebert as Betty McRae; Anastasia Phillips as Vera Burr; Michael Seater as Ivan Buchinsky; Jason Xiang as General Kiang; Richard Fitzpatrick as Harold Akins; Gabe Grey as Narendra Patel; Carolyn Burchell as Carol Demers; John Ralston as Pastor; Vernon Rowley as Buster Tresmith; Lauren Ash as Olga; Mimi Kuzyk as Alma; Jill Barber and Royal Wood as Singers; Robinne Fanfair as Pearl; Anna Maria de Mara as Deedee Durbin; Terry Chen; Lisa Norton as Edith McCallum; Toni Ellward as Vianna; Tony Desantis as Ciro Moretti; John E Nells as Dale; and Craig Arnold as Simon.

Music is by Peter Chapman; Director of Photography is Eric Cayla, CSC; Created by Michael McLannan and Adrienne Mitchell Based on a Concept by Debi Drennan and Maureen Jennings; Writers Include Joseph Kay and Raymond Story; Costume Designer is Debra Hanson; Producer is John Calvert; and Directors include Don McBrearty and Adrienne Mitchell.

* Bomb Girls: The Complete Second Series is released in the UK on DVD, along with the Complete Series 1 & 2 Boxset, by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment in the UK on 21 April 2014. Catalogue Number: KAL8341 | RRP: £19.99. Series 1 & 2: Catalogue Number: KAL8342 | RRP: £24.99.

"Bomb Girls… the second series has kept up the pace nicely with excellent, poignant and addictive storylines and fine character development" Maggie Woods