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Borgia (Faith And Fear)
Borgia (Faith And Fear)A ruthless ambition to rise to the
Holy See, whomsoever he has to
  sacrifice, drives a lustful, depraved
  and treacherous cardinal in his
  merciless bid to gain the ultimate power
  during the closing years of the 15th
  Century in the television costume
  drama Borgia (Faith And Fear)..

WITH THE VISION OF THE HOLY SEE firmly within his sights, Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia (John Dorman: The Wire) has a powerful and trusted position as vice-chancellor with the ear of the Pope, even though he is still seen by his peers as a foreigner.

In 1492 the threat of invasion from France — then the most powerful military force in the world — and the Turks was very real. Following the end of the Moslem rule in Spain and the country's return to Catholicism, King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile petition the Pope for the granting of the title of Most Catholic Majesty.

Italy is, at this time, divided into ten warring kingdoms with Rome and the Papal States ruled by Pope Innocent VIII (Udo Kieras), who is advised by the Sacred College of Cardinals — made up of members of the ruling families who are all at loggerheads with each other.

Spectacular and
Borgia (Faith And Fear)
is a compulsive
costume drama that
keeps up the pace
throughout the series...”
The last decade of the 15th Century was an amazing time. With the Renaissance and Enlightenment came enormous scientific advancements as intellectual and artistic endeavours changed the world and Europe became the centre of global commerce.

It is a time of beauty and progression, with the astonishing talents of Michelangelo, Botticelli and especially Leonardo Da Vinci. But within the deadly shadows of an archaic and crumbling Rome lurk the extreme violence, depravity and corruption that continue to have a stranglehold on The Eternal City.

Within the murderous abyss of treachery and death stands the infamous Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, vice-chancellor and the most powerful advisor to the Pope, who will not rest until he has succeeded in his ambitions to become one of the world's most influential men.

Borgia's ruthlessness and lust for power is to bring him his appointment as Pope Alexander VI and he will lead the church and the world into one of the most controversial and darkest chapters in known history.

Of Spanish descent, Rodrigo Borgia is the nephew of a previous Pope and is aware of the strong opposition to the appointment of another Spaniard. However, determined to follow in his uncle's footsteps, he begins to use his illegitimate children as pawns by securing prestigious and advantageous positions for his sons and arranging a suitable marriage for his daughter.

Juan (Stanley Weber), the eldest, is an arrogant womaniser. Cardinal Borgia has great plans for him, starting with the granting of a Dukedom, but Cesare (Mark Ryder), at school in Pisa and struggling to balance his darkly violent nature with his religious studies, is offered a Bishopric and resents the higher position of his brother.

Lucrezia (Isolda Dychauk), is yet to discover the power of her own sexuality and her uncle will arrange a marriage for her that will enhance the family's standing and wealth.

Goffredo, the youngest child, is an innocent who is not invited to join his siblings as the Cardinal does not believe the boy to be his son.

Juan and Cesare's lives and fortunes will be at risk from those jealous of the Borgia power. The Cardinal urges them to keep all the other prominent families believing that the Borgias are allies, but behind the proffered hand of friendship is a steely heart.

Lucrezia is placed under the guidance of Lady Giulia Farnese (Marta Gastini), who is married to Alessandro Farmese (Diurmuid Noyes) but is the passionate and willing mistress of Rodrigo Borgia. In this dangerous place of deadly secrets, treachery, jealousies, murders, ruthless ambitions and violent retribution, enemies are made and allegiances forged.

And in this age of war and depravity, Rodrigo Borgia's children will make their mark. But why can Cesare not be the priest he has been chosen to be and will Lucrezia bow to Rodrigo's demands? Taking in all the infamous, complex characters that make up the family who made the Borgia name notorious for half a century, the series features an acclaimed cast and the second series has already been commissioned to start production at the end of 2012.

Borgia (Faith And Fear) is a lavish, licentious tale charting the early Spanish origins of the legendary family and their brutal rise to power within the corrupt Vatican and their eventual domination of all Renaissance Italy.

This magnificent French-German historical drama was filmed in Prague and Italy. Spectacular and exciting, Borgia (Faith And Fear) is a compulsive costume drama that keeps up the pace throughout the series.

Borgia (Faith And Fear) also features: Andrea Sawatzki as Adriana de Mila; Art Malik as Francesc Galet; Assumpta Serna as Vannozza Cattanei; John Bradley as Giovanni de Medici; Sean Campion as Virginio Orsini; Dejan Cukic as Giuliano Colonna; Tereza Voriskova as Fiametta Michaelis; Marek Vasut as Fabrizio Colonna; and Nicholas Belmonte as Shahzadeh Djem.

Music by Cyril Moris; Costume Designer is Sergio Ballo; Director of Photography is Ousama Rawi BSC, CSC; Producers are Michael Schwarz and Petr Moravec; Created and Written by Tom Fontana (Oz); Teleplay by Kyle Bradstreet and Brant Englestein; and Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel.

* The UK premiere of Oliver Hirschbiegel's acclaimed mini-series Borgia (Faith And Fear), produced by Tom Fontana, the award-winning creator of Oz, and the writing team behind The Wire, comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 20 August 2012 courtesy of STUDIOCANAL.

Features — DVD Running Time: 667 Minutes Approximately | CatalogueNumber: OPTD2464 | RRP: 24.99. Blu-ray Running Time: 693 Minutes Approximately | CatalogueNumber: OPTBD2464 | RRP: 34.99. Note that all DVD & Blu-ray Boxsets contain 4 discs featuring all 13 episodes).

Special Features (Blu-ray Only): Behind the scenes: Secrets of Borgia | Borgia Diaries (Cast interviews).

"Spectacular and exciting, Borgia (Faith And Fear) is a compulsive costume drama that keeps up the pace throughout the series"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar