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The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty HunterHaving lost his job as a police detective
  and following the break-up of his
  marriage, a bounty hunter finds himself
  having to bring in someone he knows
  only too well — his ex-wife, in the
  hilarious movie The Bounty Hunter

LIFE IS JUST ABOUT TO GET COMPLICATED for former cop turned bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler: The Ugly Truth; PS I Love You; 300) when he discovers he has been assigned to pick up his ex-wife Nicole (Jennifer Aniston: Television's Friends; Marley And Me; The Break-Up), a reporter for The Daily News, and take her to jail.

Milo thinks that all his Christmases have come at once. But when Nicole proves impossible, insisting that her friend Jimmy (Adam Rose) has been kidnapped and that her own life is in danger, he cannot bring himself to believe her. Big mistake!

Nicole had been following up on a suicide story. But something isn't quite right — and somebody wants to keep it under wraps. Nicole's colleague Stewart (Jason Suderkis) is hot on her trail as he tries to reignite an imagined spark that might just backfire on him.

As Nicole and Milo realise that their relationship is still as difficult as ever, they soon realise that there is danger at every turn. If they thought marriage was tough, they are just about to find that staying alive can get a whole lot tougher. Aniston and Butler spark off each other brilliantly, leading a first class cast.

Can Milo discover the truth about the suicide and rescue Jimmy, who is about to be questioned by a ruthless tattoo artiste? Is Milo's best friend Bobby (Dorian Missick) a bent cop who knows more than he should about the supposed suicide? Will Milo and Nicole ever get over their need to play the game of one-upmanship and get their love-hate relationship back on track? Does he even want her to be taken into custody? There are some great opportunities for hilarious, slapstick comedy along the way with a handful of tough characters you really just wouldn't want to cross.

The Bounty Hunter is a fantastically funny, first-rate rom-com with light-hearted tension that keeps you guessing. Don't miss it. The film also features: the marvellous Christine Baranski (television's The Good Wife) as Nicole's wonderfully-vampish mother, Kitty Hurley; Jeff Garlin (HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm) as Sid; Ritchie Coster as Ray; Cathy Moriarty as Irene; Peter Greene as Mahler; Joel Marsh Garland as Dwight and Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Teresa.

The Bounty Hunter is Produced by Neal H Moritz; Written by Sarah Thorp; Director of Photography is Oliver Bokelberg; and the film is directed by Andy Tennant (Hitch; Sweet Home Alabama).

The no-holds-barred, battle of the exes commences when the sexy romantic comedy adventure starring Emmy Award-winner Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Barber, The Bounty Hunter, arrives on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, on 26 July 2010. Running Time: 110 Minutes Approximately | RRP: DVD 19.99; Blu-ray 22.99.

BD/DVD Bonus materials include: Three All New Featurettes: On The Set in Making Of The Bounty Hunter | On Location with Stops Along The Road: Hunting Locations | Rules for Outwitting A Bounty Hunter | Exclusive Behind The Scenes Featurettes that include Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.

"The Bounty Hunter is a fantastically funny, first-rate rom-com with light-hearted tension that keeps you guessing" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

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