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The Brigand Of Kandahar
The Brigand Of Kandahar“Prejudices and jealousies lead to the
  unjust court martial of a half-caste officer
  on the dangerous North West Frontier
  of India in the mid-19th Century in The
  Brigand Of Kandahar
, a Hammer Film
  Production released on DVD in 2012

AT FORT KANDAHAR, a British outpost on the North West Frontier of India in 1850, the mixed-race Lieutenant Case (Ronald Lewis: Sardonicus) returns alone having volunteered for a secret mission alongside Captain Tom Connelly (Jeremy Burnham).

Having seen the futility of trying to rescue Connelly, Case has important information to deliver to Colonel Drewe (Duncan Lamont: Quatermas And The Pit). A new and formidable leader, Eli Khan (Oliver Reed: The Three Musketeers), has joined the Bengali tribesmen who are sworn enemies of the British

Case tells Drewe that the tribesmen will attack one fort at a time, beginning with Fort Kandahar, and there is still time to evacuate the civilians. But the Colonel has listened to the poisonous words of the envious Captain Boyd (Indigo Jackson), who is aware that Case is in love with Connelly's wife Elsa (Catherine Woodville) and believes he had an ulterior motive for abandoning the captain to his fate.

Even Elsa, who has been threatened by Boyd, seems to blame Case; and when he is court-martialled for failing to assist a fellow officer in trouble, he is found guilty of cowardice in the face of the enemy and sentenced to ten years imprisonment with a dishonourable discharge.

Case's servant Rattu (Sean Lynch) helps him escape, only to deliver him into the hands of Eli Khan. But Eli Khan offers him an opportunity to avenge himself on those who betrayed him and invites him to join them, to the delight of Eli Khan's sister Ratina (Yvonne Romain), who despises her brother and falls in love with Case.

Eli Khan assures Case he will be merciful to any civilians, but when he breaks his word Case realises he is not to be trusted.

Already a journalist from The London Times is investigating Case's fall from grace. Marriott (Glyn Houston) is determined to tell the world the truth behind the story of The Brigand of Kandahar, exposing Case's false accusation on trumped-up charges instigated by the bigotry and racism of his superior officers. But will he be able to help Case to return to the army and Elsa? Or is it already too late?

An easy-to-watch, exciting historical escapade which may be a little tame for today's audiences but is, nevertheless, a fine film with a well-paced storyline.

The Brigand of Kandahar also features Walter Brown as Hitala and Caron Gardner as the serving maid. The Music is Composed by Don Banks; Director of Photography is Reg Wyer, BSC; Produced by Anthony Nelson Keys; Original Story and Screenplay by John Gilling, who also Directed.

The Brigand Of Kandahar is a Hammer Classics making its world DVD premier and is released on 16 January 2012. Running Time: 78 Minutes | Catalogue Number: OPTD2427 | RRP: 15.99.

"An easy-to-watch, exciting historical escapade"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar