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Broken Vows
Broken Vows “A crazy night of passion with a
  stranger leaves a young woman who
  was betrayed by her fiancé at the mercy
  of a dangerous psychotic murderer,
  who, totally obsessed with keeping her,
  will go to any lengths to prevent her
  marriage — including permanently
  disposing of anyone who stands in his
  way in the taut thriller Broken Vows

AFTER HER FIANCÉ CHEATS ON HER and she forgives him, continuing with their wedding plans, Tara Bloom (Jaimie Alexander: Thor; Blindspot) finds she cannot get the thought of his betrayal out of her mind.

While at her bachelorette party at a club in New Orleans with her friends Debra (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Justine (Astrid Bryan), she meets the darkly sexy bartender Patrick Flynn (Wes Bentley: Interstellar; American Beauty) and, encouraged by her friends, flirts with him, little realising that she is about to find herself being stalked by a psychotic criminal who has already committed a dreadful murder.

Broken Vows is a taut
and absorbing thriller
that, although sometimes
predictable, still has the
power to shock...”
She spends the night with him but in the morning is consumed by guilt and cannot wait to get away from him, although now, instead of attractive, he suddenly seems sinister as he tries to stop her from leaving.

In her hurry to get away Tara leaves her mobile phone behind and Patrick uses it to track down her address. He gets into her house and she agrees to meet him the following day just to get rid of him as her fiancé Michael (Cam Gigandet: Twilight; Easy A) is due to come over. Patrick also contacts her younger sister Emily (Alex Ladove), telling her that he knows Tara.

Patrick is delusional, convincing himself that he is to marry Tara and that she loves him; and he begins to cancel her wedding arrangements and follow Tara's every move. He has also approached Michael and suggested he should ask Tara about their supposed friendship.

But he is sinking deeper and deeper into the blackness that has given him a criminal record. Patrick's past is far more alarming than it at first seems, as Tara discovers when Debra offers to get her friend Clay (Matt Gerald), a former policeman, involved.

The neurotic and irrational Patrick is driven closer to the edge, desperate to have Tara and to wreck her wedding. Nobody is safe; and Tara is driven to extreme lengths as she attempts to protect her own life and the lives of those whom she dearly loves.

But will she find the strength to get through this horrific nightmare, to finally marry Michael and lay the past to rest — or will the dangerously obsessive, jealous and totally unpredictable Patrick take his bloody revenge on those who have stood in his way as he sets out on a murderous rampage?

A story of lust and obsession, Broken Vows is a taut and absorbing thriller that, although sometimes predictable, still has the power to shock (there is some disturbing violence and bad language, along with some sexual content).

Broken Vows also features: Emily Robinson as Annie Bloom; Kyle Jones as Spencer; Matt Riedy as Mr Bloom; René Ashton as Mrs Bloom; Sammi Rotibl as Sam; Mateo Simon as Young Patrick; and Ashley Brinton Kent as Daisy.

Music is by David Julyan; Director of Photography is Kees Van Oostrum; Written by James Agnew and Sean Keller, who are also Co-Executive Producers; Produced by Wendy Benge; and Directed by Bram Coppens.

* From The Movie Partnership, Broken Vows is available to watch on Digital Download from 6 November 2017. Purchase the film from iTunes, Amazon, Rakuten TV, Play, Microsoft, Sky Store, TalkTalk, Vubiquity, and BT.

"Broken Vows is a taut and absorbing thriller that, although sometimes predictable, still has the power to shock
****" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar