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Bulletproof“A brand new dynamic duo in the shape
  of two black cops with attitude hit
  the streets of London with a gung-ho
  approach doing things their way —
  strictly NOT by the book, as they try to
  bring down the East End’s toughest
  criminals in the explosive crime drama
  series Bulletproof

THE SIX-PART SERIES BULLETPROOF sees two charismatic black cops, as close as brothers, who are not afraid to stick their heads above the parapet to fight crime — even if, inevitably, it gets them into trouble with their superiors.

Both street-savvy, cool, clever and fiercely protective and supportive of each other, Aaron "Bish" Bishop (acclaimed actor, writer and director Noel Clarke: Kidultood; Star Trek: Into Darkness) and Ronnie Pike (chart-topping rapper turned respected actor Ashley Walters: Top Boy; Hustle) have strong bonds but come from very different backgrounds.

is a satisfying,
entertaining thrill-ride
with a light-hearted
edge to the fast-paced
Bishop has been brought up in a series of foster homes but Pike is a family man, married to lawyer Arjana (Lashana Lynch) with two daughters. He is the son of Ronald Pike (Clarke Peters: The Wire), the first black man to rise to police commissioner, and is keen to make his father proud of him.

Bish lives with his girlfriend Sophie (Emma Rigby), but does not realize that his world is about to implode. Temperamental and unpredictable, he is full of suppressed anger and frustration. He trusts Pike implicitly; the cool, calm and collected logic of his friend contrasts with his own barely-hidden turmoil.

Beginning with a tragedy that shakes both Pike and Bishop, Bulletproof features spectacular shootouts and car chases. The pair meet Sabine (Andrea Tivadar), their informant, who alludes to having inside information on a gang stealing high-end cars.

She is terrified that someone is on to her; believing her life to be in danger, she wants to be taken somewhere safe. Shockingly, as they promise to see what they can do for her and she walks away angrily, she is deliberately run down by a red Audi and killed in front of Pike and Bishop. A high speed chase fails to catch the hit-and-run driver and their BMW car is wrecked.

Following a lead, Pike and Bishop break into a flat where they find incriminating evidence keys to expensive vehicles; but they are unable to pursue their case as they did not have a search warrant.

Colleagues Nell McBride (Christina Chong), who is very attracted to Bishop, and Jonesy (David Elliott) are taken hostage while on surveillance at a warehouse where stolen cars are being stored and as Pike and Bishop attempt to chase them down, Jonesy is badly injured.

Lead officer Sarah Tanner (Lindsey Coulson: EastEnders) tells Pike and Bishop that international criminal Michael Sharp (Doug Allen) is on his way back to London. A British citizen who holds a Dutch passport, he has two arrest warrants out for him for drug smuggling, yet somehow he appears to avoid arrest. Pike and Bishop will uncover a conspiracy that strikes uncomfortably close to home.

Sharp goes into a building that houses safety deposit boxes and shortly afterwards there is an explosion. But what is Michael Sharp doing there and does he have, as he claims, nothing to do with the theft of one of the boxes? Why is he getting away with offences that would normally get him banged up?

Determined to discover the truth, Pike and Bishop are nevertheless taken off the case by Tanner, who is suspicious of the reasons why her superiors have pulled her team.

The arrest of James Barton (Nick Moss) and his subsequent police interview at the prison, during which Barton identifies a man called Ray (Vinzenz Kiefer) and insists that he wants to see his wife Kelly (Diane Beck) before he gives the Police any more leads to a further killing and the discovering of more bodies.

Sharp is arrested and insists that the contents of the safety deposit box will keep him alive and that he needs protection. A van rams the new BMW Pike and Bishop are in with Sharp and another shootout ensues. Pike's father hauls them over the coals, telling his son that he will not have him ruin his reputation with his unconventional style of policing.

A visit to a car breakers yard which could be a cover for the sale of weaponry leads to a gang of human traffickers and a supposed Syrian refugee, Bakur (Nasser Memarcia), who has a dead girl in his boot he claims is his daughter who was abducted and killed by traffickers.

The Deputy Mayor, Charlotte Carmel (Caroline Goodall) has asked Arjana, an ambitious solicitor, to check some papers for her. Arjana spots something she is not happy with and unwittingly puts herself in harm's way visiting Charlotte, who is also her husband's Godmother.

Threats to their safety mean that Pike, Arjana and their daughters are moved to a safe house and, worried about his family, Pike agrees to move jobs with the help of his father, who could also be in danger.

Bishop is distraught at the thought of Pike no longer being his partner, but together they begin to unravel the mystery of a hit-man and Michael Sharp's ability to stay free. It is a secret which could implicate people in high places, including Pike's father.

With the chemistry of an updated Starsky and Hutch, Pike and Bishop are the new dynamic duo and the ultimate crime fighting team. Bulletproof is a satisfying, entertaining thrill-ride with a light-hearted edge to the fast-paced action.

Bulletproof also features: Mandeep Dhillon as Kamali Khan; Jason Maza as Chris Munroe; Jodie Campbell as Ali Pike; Florisa Kamara as Donna Pike; Kerry Bennett as Social Worker Scarlett Nugent; Martin Walsh as Arkeb; and Kaspar Green as Gazim Dushku.

Music is by Lorne Balfe; Director of Photography is Sergio Delgado; Created by Noel Clarke, Ashley Walters and Nick Love; Produced by Jon Finn; and Written and Directed by Nick Love (The Sweeney; Football Factory).

* The classic cop-buddy genre Bulletproof is released on DVD in the UK, courtesy of Acorn Media International, on 23 July 2018. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 270 Minutes Approximately on 2 Discs| Catalogue Number: AV3499 | RRP: £24.99.

"Bulletproof is a satisfying, entertaining thrill-ride with a light-hearted edge to the fast-paced action" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"High-octane car chases and spectacular gun battles… action-packed"
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"Delivers on high-speed action and good chemistry between the leads" The Sun