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Campbell’s Kingdom

Campbell's KingdomWhen young Englishman Bruce
  Campbell (Dirk Bogarde) discovers
  that he does not have long to live
  because of a progressive illness,
  he decides to spend his last days
  at the cabin on the land
left to him
  by his grandfather
in the Canadian
  Rockies and known as Campbell’s

BUT THERE ARE ENGINES IN THEM THERE HILLS — in the possession of the unscrupulous Owen Morgan (Stanley Baker), who is using them to construct a dam and flood the land known as Campbell's Kingdom. And he isn't going to be stopped by anyone.

Although the townsfolk regards the appearance of Bruce Campbell with suspicion — because many of them backed his grandfather financially in his firm belief that there was oil on the land, only to lose all their money when the old man's partner ran off with it — Bruce finds support from the mysterious Jean Lucas (Barbara Murray), who seems out of place in the desolate wilds, and her elderly aunts.

As Bruce determines to prove his grandfather was right and that there is indeed oil beneath Campbell's Kingdom, help also arrives in the shape of Bladen (Michael Craig), a surveyor who begins to believe that his original findings were doctored by Morgan and whose truck containing them goes up in flames. And MacDonald (James Robertson Justice), who on discovering that Bruce is trying to put things right for the town and that he will not live to benefit from an oil strike, offers his trucks.

In spite of the fact that it is against the law to flood where there is oil, Morgan is pushing on ahead with his plans to complete the dam ahead of schedule. And because Morgan controls the only direct route up to the Kingdom, Bruce must use every trick on the book to outwit him.

But Morgan is prepared to do anything to prevent Bruce Campbell from drilling and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to get his own way — even if it means committing murder.

Will Bruce be able to live long enough to strike oil before Morgan floods the area? And will he be able to clear his grandfather's good name and bring prosperity back to the town? Campbell's Kingdom, starring heart-throb Dirk Bogarde, is a cinema gem from 1957 that still stands the test of time and even today ticks many boxes as a terrific, masterful suspense story with a handsome but tragic hero, romance, action and a few surprises in store.

Campbell's Kingdom also features Athene Seyler as Miss Abigail; Robert Brown as Ben Creasey; John Laurie as Mac; Sidney James (yes, that one!) as Tim; Maurice Kaufman as The Man At Golden Calf; Mary Merrall as Miss Ruth; Stanley Maxted as Henry Fergus; George Murcell as Max; and Gordon Tanner.

From the novel by Hammond Innes, the film was adapted for the screen with the co-operation of the author. Screenplay is by Robin Estridge; Music is Composed by Clifton Parker; Conducted by Muir Mathieson; Director of Photography is Ernest Steward; Art Director is Maurice Carter; Produced by Betty E Box and Directed by Ralph Thomas.

This powerful screen adaptation of Hammond Innes' best-selling novel Campbell's Kingdom is available on DVD from 22 June (2009) from Network Releasing. RRP: 9.99 | Total Running Time: 98 Minutes Approximately | Screen ratio: 1.66:1 Colour.

Special Features

This version of the film has been taken from an HD transfer and contains some previously unavailable special features — 3 image galleries including behind-the-scenes and publicity shots: Trailer; Textless Material (Mute); Image Gallery; Portrait Image Gallery; Behind The Scenes Image Gallery.

"Campbell's Kingdom ticks many boxes as a terrific, masterful suspense story with a handsome but tragic hero, romance, action and a few surprises in store" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar