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Campion: The Complete Collection

Campion: The Complete Collection“Coming to DVD for the first time as
  one stunning collection, the celebrated
  BBC crime drama Campion stars
  Peter Davison (Dr Who, All Creatures
  Great And Small)
as gentleman
  detective Albert Campion who solves
  the most perplexing of mysteries in
  1930s England...”

ADAPTED FROM MARGERY ALLINGHAM'S incredibly popular crime novels, Campion: The Complete Collection follows the aristocratic and unorthodox detective as he unravels all manner of crime and intrigue in this successful crime drama series.

The bespectacled Albert Campion is ably assisted by his loyal manservant, the former burglar Maggersfontein Lugg, played by much-loved British character-actor Brian Glover (Bottom, Porridge) and a vast network of allies —
from policemen to professional criminals — in his fight against crime.

In one of the most complicated of all Campion's investigations, the elderly Miss Harriet HuntingForest (Joan Heal) of Pontisbright (pronounced Ponsbury) arrives home to find an intruder has broken in. Nothing was stolen and from her description Campion deduces it was Brett Savanake (a menacing Ian Cuthbertson).

At the mansion of his friend Cuffy Randall (David Haig), Campion meets with Eager Wright (Valentine Pelka) and they discuss Miss HuntingForest —
who owns the old mill at Pontisbright and is related to the Fitton family — and her burglary.

The Earls of Pontisbright used to be hereditary rulers of Aebera, a small kingdom on the shores of the Adriatic Sea where an earthquake brought about a natural harbour and the discovery of oil. The last earl was killed in the Crimean War and the Fittons tried to lay claim to the title some years ago —
there was a crown, a set of deeds drawn up and signed by Henry IV and, in 1815, the 15th Earl was secretly backed to reinforce his title to the kingdom and money changed hands. A receipt, decides Campion, must exist for it somewhere and it could be that the thief was after it. Just the sort of thing that multi-millionaire Savanake — a thorn in the government's side — would be interested in.

When Campion reaches Pontisbright, he meets Miss HuntingForest and her family —
the kittenish Amanda Fitton (Lysette Anthony), her sister Mary Fitton (Sally Spencer-Harris) and young Hal Fitton (Christopher Haley). Campion is told that they are desperate for money which is why they take in "PGs" — paying guests. But how does Peaky Doyle (Barry Summerford) fit into the plot? The HuntingForest burglary is full of intriguing twists and turns and also features Richard Pearson as Dr Galley and Frank Mills as Scatty Williams.

Developed for television by John Hawkesworth, the series sees Campion pursue the perpetrators of foul play in 1930s stately homes throughout the series, which has some highly amusing tricks up its sleeve. The atmospheric music is composed and conducted by Nigel Hess.

The perfect set for budding super-sleuths and armchair detectives, Campion: The Complete Collection is presented in one spectacular set and contains every feature-length episode of the well-loved detective drama. Released on 12 May (2008), courtesy of Acorn Media, with a total running time of 800 minutes. The four-disc set costs 29.99. Catalogue No: AV9903.

DVD Extras include: Cast Filmographies | A Margery Allingham Biography and Bibliography and Picture Galleries.