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Cardio Bellydance With Dolphina

Cardio Bellydance With DolphinaLooking for a great way to feel good,
  keep fit and have fun in 2009?
  Here it is — a well-presented DVD called
  Cardio Bellydance that shows you how
  to give yourself a healthy workout and
  shimmy away those extra inches you
  put on over Christmas

NOW THAT CHRISTMAS IS OVER and we're well into the first months of 2009, it's time to address those extra inches that creep on with the seasonal puddings, cakes and chocolates. And what better way to spring back into shape than with one of Acacia's huge selection of new titles to trim that waist, tone those muscles and put the fun into workouts?

One great DVD is Cardio Bellydance With Dolphina, an amazing dance workout session that you can enjoy as you shift those pounds. Another benefit, says Dolphina, is that "when you awaken the power of the goddess within, magical things will happen."

Dolphina believes that every woman is a Goddess and that it is essential you recognise, nurture and celebrate this divine feminine spirit. The spiritual aspect of bellydance is as fascinating as the exotic dance is in itself and Dolphina explains that it was originally created for women to dance in the company of other woman as a celebration of womanhood to the Goddess.

Bellydance is an energetic and fun workout that burns calories and invigorates the spirit. Allow Dolphina to lead you on a fun-filled journey of a workout that celebrates your sensuality while raising your fitness level and toning your belly, leading to sexier hips and slimmer waistlines! Dolphina is dynamite — and so can you be if you follow the Cardio Bellydance step-by-step routine to helping you to fulfil your potential.

Although some moves are challenging, Dolphina advises that you work up to them gradually and do only what you can do comfortably if you are new to bellydance. She also tells you to accept it if you find you cannot do a particular position.

Cardio Bellydance With Dolphina takes you through the essential warm-up exercises an on through maintaining the correct posture, being in tune with your breathing, exercising to tone and strengthening your abs. With the Goddess workout, this is time for yourself. Dolphina teaches the principles of bellydance, learning how to isolate one part of the body while moving the other (sometimes more difficult than it sounds!).

You tone up — but the best thing of all is that you keep your womanly curves! She stresses that it takes a while to change your body so enjoy it as it is now. The secret to bellydance is to really enjoy your power as a woman.

We loved the Good and Plenty workout. Dolphina says it doesn't matter if you go wrong — after all, you are a Goddess! And believe that, as you tone your core muscles and increase your cardio benefits while uniting your spirit, mind, heart and body. Bellydance is not just a great workout for the lower abdomen and waist — you can shimmy your way to health and vitality.

Dolphina demonstrates the 'snake arms', 'genie arms' and 'mermaid arms' and shows you how to cool down and shimmer. Cardio Bellydance is a beautiful DVD and Dolphina explains just how to get the most out of this wonderful dance routine to bring out the inner goddess in you.

Cardio Bellydance is Created by Dolphina; Produced by Jennifer Shahin; Director of Photorgraphy is Jay Keitel; Art Director is Hope Latimer. Music Remix by Michael Cox of Petrol Bomb Samosa.

Cardio Bellydance With Dolphina is available now, released courtesy of Acacia on 27 December (2008). RRP: £12.99 | Special Features: Bonus Performance by Dolphina | How To Create Bellydance Costumes.

Check out goddesslife.

"Dolphina is dynamite! And so can you be if you follow the Cardio Bellydance step-by-step routine to helping you to fulfil your potential… an amazing dance workout session that you can enjoy as you shift those pounds" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar