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Casa De Mi Padre
Casa Di Mi PadreRiding into the sunlight on his father’s
  Mexican Ranch, a young man awaits the
  arrival of his successful businessman
  brother who is to save their home from
  spiralling debts; little realising that he
  will prove to be the greater hero in the
  outstanding romantic comedy adventure
  Casa De Mi Padre..

MAKING NO ATTEMPT TO DISGUISE HIS FAVOURITISM for his successful youngest son Raul (Diego Luna: Milk; Contraband; The Terminal), who returns home to save the family ranch, Miguel Ernesto Alvarez (Pedro Armendariz) constantly belittles eldest son Armando (popular Award-winning comedian Will Ferrell — Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy; Step Brothers) in the comic adventure film Casa De Mi Padre.

Written off as a coward and blamed for the killing of his mother when he was nine years old, Armando is kind and caring and proud of his name: "I am Armando Alvarez!" But his father seems him as weak and ineffectual a conclusion he comes to regret.

Casa Di Mi Padre is
terrific fun woven
around some fine action
with bullets flying and
blood spurting —
hilariously funny and
deliciously OTT.
Sheer brilliance!”
Armando is a romantic; a dreamer. An earnest, gentle soul who has always worked on his father's ranch and is passionate about the land. Only one thing is missing a woman to share them with.

On his way back to the house after tending the cattle, Armando rides with his friends and ranch-hands Esteban de los Santos Escobar Chavez (Efren Ramirez) and Manuel (Adrian Martinez) telling them: "I hope nothing bad happens on the way home". Cue a drug-related killing that signals an ominous future, as all hell is about to break loose.

First, Armando meets and falls in love with Raul's new fiancée Sonia Lopez (Genesis Rodriguez: Man On A Ledge; What To Expect When You're Expecting) who has a colourful past and discovers that Raul's business dealings are distinctly shady.

Those business dealings are to have far reaching and tragic consequences as the family finds itself in a brutal war with Mexico's most feared drug lord, the powerful Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal: The Motorcycle Dairies; Babel). Now it is up to Armando to sort out one big mess. But is Sonia as innocent as she claims? And how does a man fiercely loyal to his family betray his brother?

Marking Ferrell's fully Spanish-speaking debut, Casa De Mi Padre proves that comedy really is a universal language. The team behind the movie are fluent speakers and the film is easy to follow with clear subtitles.

Casa Di Mi Padre is terrific fun woven around some fine action sequences, with bullets flying and blood spurting hilariously funny and deliciously OTT. Sheer brilliance with a number of quirky sketches check out the White Cat and the letter from Second Camera Assistant Emilio Sanchez. You may also like to catch Dan Hagerty speaking at the end of the credits.

Fresh from their Primetime Emmy Award-winning work on the legendary Saturday Night Live series, writer Andrew Steele and Director Matt Piedmont combine romance, action and adventure with comedy to make an inspired and affectionate nod towards the much loved classic Latin American soap opera.

Casa De Mi Padre (My Father's House) is perfectly cast and also features: Nick Offerman as DEA Agent Parker; Manuel Urrego as Officer Blancarto; Elijah Velarde as Young Armando; Molly Shannon as Sheila from Atlanta; and Jose Luis Rodriguez "El Puma" as El Puma/Wedding Singer.

Music is by Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau; Song Casa De Mi Padre performed by Christina Aguilera; Animatronic Cat Created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop; Visual Effects by Intelligent Creatures/Gaines Images; Director of Photography is Ramsey Nickell; Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, Emilio Diez Barroso and Darlene Caamaño; Written and Produced by Andrew Steele; and Directed by Matt Piedmont.

Casa De Mi Padre is out to own on DVD, Blu-ray and EST on 1 October 2012. Feature Running Time: 81 Minutes Approximately | Spanish Language with English Subtitles | RRP: £15.99 (Blu-ray Running Time: 85 Minutes | RRP: £19.99).

DVD & Blu-ray Extras: Making Of | Pedro Armendariz Jr Interview | Deleted Scenes | Fight For Love Music Video | Fake Television Ads: Champion 100s Cigarettes, Scorpion Beer, Suave Leopardo Cigarettes | Trailer.

"Casa Di Mi Padre is terrific fun woven around some fine action sequences, with bullets flying and blood spurting hilariously funny and deliciously OTT. Sheer brilliance" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Gunplay and gags galore… Ay caramba! ****" Nuts

"Grindhouse with giggles… Ferrell at his straight-faced best" Total Film

"There's no shortage of laughs" GQ

"…it proves once and for all that Ferrell doesn't even have to speak English to make you laugh so hard ****" Front