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Cattle Drive
Cattle Drive “Finding a spoilt and stubborn teenaged
  boy stranded in the middle of nowhere,
  an experienced cow-herder is forced to
  take him along on a cattle drive — a
  decision he regrets when the greenhorn,
  the spoilt son of a wealthy railroad
  owner, turns out to be disruptive; but the
  cowboy and greenhorn begin to bond in
  the fine Western movie Cattle Drive..

WHILE ON A CATTLE DRIVE to San Diego, cattle-herder Dan Mathews (Joel McCrea: Ride The High Country) finds a teenaged boy stumbling on foot through the rocky terrain.

The boy, who left the train when it stopped to take on water and was left behind, tells him he is Chester Graham Jr (Dean Stockwell: Quantum Leap), son of a wealthy railroad owner, after whom he is named. As they cannot leave the boy in the middle of nowhere, Dan persuades trail boss Cap (Howard Petrie) to take him on and let him earn his keep, against the wishes of his men.

Cattle Drive
is a rootin’ tootin’ Western
with the feel-good factor and a very
satisfying ending...”
Although at first the boy behaves like a spoiled brat, he comes to trust Dan and actually begins to grow up and take responsibility.

Dan grows fond of him and they face the dangers of the trail together as they drive the cattle to San Diego, where the boy is to be reunited with his father, Chester Graham Sr (Leon Ames) who has been so wrapped up in his business that he has had little time for Chester.

As Chester, known to Dan as Chet, works for his keep for the first time in his life, he and Dan get closer and he learns the hard way the value of working for a living and respect.

Having found an older man who seems more like a father than his own father, how will Chet adapt to the life he will return to at the end of the trail? Will Chester SR recognise his son's needs?

Cattle Drive is a rootin' tootin' western with the Feelgood factor and a very satisfying ending. If you love westerns and adventures with a moral story you'll love this.

Shot in Death Valley, California, and Paria, Utah, Cattle Drive also features: Chill Wills (Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid) as Dallas; Henry Brandon as Jim Currie; Bob Steele as Charlie Morgan; Chuck Roberson (Cahill: United States Marshall) as Chuck Saunders; Harry Carey Jr (The Searchers) as Train Passenger; and Griff Barnett as Conductor O'Hara.

Director of Photography is Maury Natteford, ASC; Written by Jack Natteford and Lillie Hayward; Produced by Aaron Rosenberg; and Directed by Kurt Neumann.

* The Hollywood Classics/Universal Pictures coming-of-age Western Cattle Drive is released on DVD in the UK, courtesy of Simply Media, on 18 April 2016. Certificate: U | Year: 1951 | Running Time: 74 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: 164453 | RRP: 12.99.

"Cattle Drive is a rootin' tootin' Western with the Feelgood factor and a very satisfying ending" ~ Maggie Woods