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Chakra Balancing Yoga with Sharon Gannon

Chakra Balancing Yoga with Sharon GannonEverbody wants to look and feel great
  when relaxing on vacation or hitting
the beach in swimwear. A fitness DVD
with a new approach to physical and
  emotional well-being, from quality yoga

DVD leader Acacia, offers a fantastic
  new programme to help create and
keep a healthy, supple body with a calm
and peaceful mind: Chakra Balancing
  Yoga with Sharon Gannon

If you have ever wondered exactly how Chakras
the seven energy centres located along a central line in the body can help you, Sharon Gannon explains fully in her magical Chakra Balancing Yoga from Acacia's range of fitness DVDs.

Working her way through each energy point, Sharon uses the correct chants and shows you how to balance Chakras. If you are not familiar with Yoga and Chakras, the Introduction will give you all the information you need to get the most out of this DVD.

When the seven Chakras are healthy and open, the body's physical health, emotional balance and your relationships with others benefit. If they are blocked through physical injury or illness, emotional upsets or negative experiences, the corresponding areas of life are affected. A blocked root chakra, for instance, can make you feel unsafe, insecure and worried about money; whereas a blocked heart chakra can stop you being compassionate to both yourself and others.

Sharon demonstrates how to balance and open your Chakras through Yoga practice, healing the body emotionally, physically and spiritually and bringing balance back into your life while gently working on your overall fitness.

Each Chakra has a corresponding Mantra, Colour, Element, Sense, Organ(s) and a Key Word, Psychological Obstacle and Relationship areas. By concentrating on these energy centres, you may find you can improve your relationships, romance, friendships, work problems and above all, address health issues.

Sharon Gannon is one of the world's most influential Yoginis and she teaches such celebrities as Donna Karan and Sting. Chakra Balancing Yoga is a beautiful and uplifting venture into a peaceful and relaxing Yoga. Alternative ways to find peace and tranquillity such as this are always welcome.

Chakra Balancing Yoga is presented by Sharon Gannon; Director is James Wvinner; Producer is Craig Kohland; Director of Photography is David Jones; Art Director is Ben Whitaker; and The Yoga Music is from Shaman's Dream Music.

This easy-to-follow programme focuses on opening the seven Chakras for well-being and exercise for both body and spirit. Chakra Balancing Yoga with Sharon Gannon sets you on the path to physical and mental fitness; a spiritual journey that eases the body and the mind and creates an opportunity to find a new energy, relieve stress and to bring about a feeling of wholeness within.

The Chakra Balancing Yoga DVD is available now at a RRP of 14.99.

Chakra Index

Muladhara (10 mins); Swadhisthana (7 mins); Manipura (7 mins); Anahata (10 mins); Vishuddha (6 mins); Ajna (2 mins); Sahasrara (3 mins); Shavasana (10 mins).

Bonus Features

Chakras Explained | Backbend Sequence (7 mins) from Transform Yourself with Jivamukti Yoga | Secret Teachings of Yoga | Poetry Reading | Vinyasa Sequence (10 minutes) from Power to the Peaceful Yoga | Sharon Gannon Biography | Music Options: Music Only; Music & Instruction.

"Chakra Balancing Yoga demonstrates how to balance and open your Chakras through Yoga practice, healing the body emotionally, physically and spiritually, and bring harmony back into your life" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar