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ChefFeast your eyes on a scrumptiously-
  funny movie with a rich feel-good factor
  as an all-star cast unite to cook up
  a classic comedy film in Chef, where
  a talented food maestro, frustrated in
  his attempts to progress, loses his job
  but gets back more than he had ever
  thought possible

WORKING IN A TOP LOS ANGELES RESTAURANT that is always fully booked, hugely talented Carl Casper (Jon Favreau: Iron Man; The Wolf Of Wall Street) longs to use his considerable culinary skills to take the restaurant to another level.

Faced with the refusal of restaurateur Riva (Dustin Hoffman: Rain Man) to change the monotonous menu, despite his tried-and-tested recipes failing to impress high-profile food critic Mr Bonetangles (Will Schutze), Carl has to find another way to unleash his creativity.

“The perfect recipe
for success:
A scrumptiously funny
movie where
revenge is a dish best
served hot!”
Reluctantly he leaves the restaurant and his good friend Molly (Scarlett Johansson: Avengers Assemble), who works with him and believes in him.

With the help and support of his former wife Inez (Sofia Vergara: Television's Modern Family), whose wealthy first husband Marvin (Robert Downey Jr: Iron Man) also agrees to help him although not exactly as he had envisaged! Carl and his Internet-savvy son Percy (Emjay Anthony) take to the road to turn The Food Truck into a new culinary art.

Enthusiastic about his rediscovered passion for cooking and astounded by his overnight success, Carl little realises that his son is his unofficial publicist, using Twitter to announce The Food Truck's destinations. However, the venture brings rewards as Carl reconnects with his son in ways that he had never dreamed of.

As the bonds between father and son grow stronger and the success of The Food Truck exceeds his expectations, Carl begins to piece his life back together; impressing not only those around him but also the one person he had never been able to win over, and with it comes happiness and fulfilment as he discovers a new zest for life and love…

Chef strikes the right notes on so many levels, stirring the emotions while never losing sight of the comedy. Wonderfully scripted and acted, it is difficult to fault this thoroughly entertaining fare. The perfect recipe for success: A scrumptiously funny movie where revenge is a dish best served hot.

Chef also features: John Leguizamo (Kick Ass 2) as Martin; Oliver Platt as Ramsey Michel; Bobby Cannavale as Tony; Amy Sedaris as Jen; and Gloria Sandoval as Flora.

Music Supervisor is Mathieu Schreyer; Director of Photography is Kramer Morgenthau ASC; Co-Producer is Roy Choi; Executive Producers include: Karen Gilchrist, Molly Allen, Marina Bespalov, Mark C Manuel and Ted O'Neal; Produced by Jon Favreau, Sergei Bespalov and Karen Gilchrist; Written and Directed by Jon Favreau.

* Jon Favreau writes, directs and stars in Chef, the perfect dish to warm you up this winter, to be released in the UK by LionsGate Home Entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray and Digitial Download on 3 November 2014.

Product Details Running Time: 110 Minutes Approximately | RRP: Blu-ray £22.99; DVD 19.99. Bonus Content Audio Commentary with Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi | Seven Deleted Scenes.

"The perfect recipe for success: A scrumptiously funny movie where revenge is a dish best served hot!" Maggie Woods

"Wonderfully Feel-Good" Heat Magazine

"Funny and Touching" Daily Star Sunday