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Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow“The memory of one devastating
  childhood Christmas is enough
  to make a successful young woman
  a Christmas Grinch until she finds
  herself cut off in a blizzard with two
  strangers and having to face her inner
  demons in Christmas Snow

SEEING CHRISTMAS AS ANY OTHER DAY, restaurant owner Kathleen Mitchell (Catherine Mary Stewart) refuses to take telephone calls from her mother or enter into the spirit of Christmas along with everyone else. Disheartened and disillusioned, she loses herself in her work and is upset when a restaurant critic refers to her as "the Christmas Grinch".

So when boyfriend Andrew (Anthony Tyler Quinn), a widower, suddenly drops his eleven-year-old daughter Lucy (Cameron Ten Napel) at Kathleen's home when his babysitter cancels, Kathleen is aghast to find herself having to help a child she hardly knows with her angel costume and take her to the school's nativity play.

“Christmas Snow is
a beautiful, heartening
Christmas story
to remind you of the most
valuable gift of all
Although she is exasperated and sees the desperately unhappy Lucy as a nuisance, Kathleen nevertheless goes out late at night to buy things to help her complete the costume.

Distracted, she almost runs over an elderly man, whom she later sees at the bus stop having missed his last bus. She feels has no alternative than to offer him a bed for the night as it has begun to snow and she cannot bear the thought of him with nowhere to shelter.

Sam (Muse Watson) proves to be a godsend. As the snow turns into a blizzard, Kathleen is forced to spend Christmas with two strangers and, instead of bringing them closer together, the enforced and unwanted companionship drives a deeper wedge between Kathleen and Lucy.

At first wary of having a strange man in the house, particularly when she has to care for a young girl, will Kathleen finally face up to her issues and allow herself to be touched by the magic of Christmas?

Unable to avoid the holiday any longer, Kathleen must come in from the cold and let her heart thaw. As she begins to understand the true meaning of Christmas, she looks at the festive period with new eyes and is blessed with a precious gift.

Christmas Snow is a beautiful, heartening Christmas story to remind you of the most valuable gift of all. The film also features: Annie Winters as Young Kathleen; Craig Waller as Martin; and Brian Shoop as Bill.

Original Score is by Jason Moore; Director of Photography is Kanos Stuehm; Story by Tracy J Trust; Written by Candace Lee; Produced by Chad Gundersen; and Directed by Tracy J Trust.

* Enjoy this heart-warming family tale for the festive season as Christmas Snow comes to DVD on 12 November 2012. Running Time: 110 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue No: KAL8197 | Barcode: 5060192812374 | RRP: 12.99.

"Christmas Snow is a beautiful, heartening Christmas story to remind you of the most valuable gift of all"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar