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Comanche Moon
Comanche Moon“Whether you have been brought up,
  like me, on a diet of Westerns (Cowboys
  and Indians) or you just enjoy terrific,
  tension-packed dramas, you will be
  hooked by Comanche Moon, now out
  on DVD..

A SUPERB ADAPTATION OF THE SECOND PART of Larry McMurtry's acclaimed best-selling Lonesome Dove series of books, Comanche Moon follows the adventures of Texas Rangers Augustus McCrae (Steve Zahn: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid) and Woodrow Call (Karl Urban: The Lord Of The Rings) as they experience life in the Wild West at its grittiest.

By 1858 in North West Texas, the Comanches and the whites have been at war for some fifty years. In order to control the Indians, the Texas Rangers were formed as a volunteer troop. Gus and Woodrow join a small troop led by Captain Inish Scull (the wonderful Val Kilmer: Batman Forever) — known to the Comanche as Big Horse Scull — and they set out from Austin in pursuit of three outlaws.

Comanche Moon
is a fascinating,
compelling and tense
action movie...”
The celebrated Comanche horse-thief Kicking Wolf (Jonathan Joss) has been up to his old tricks and Chief Buffalo Hump (Wes Studi) is stirring up a heap of trouble. But when Kicking Horse steals Scull's treasured warhorse, it is to lead the captain into the hands of the notorious, sadistic Mexican bandit Ahumado (a suitably-venomous Sal Lopez).

Scull sets off on foot in pursuit of Kicking Horse with his scout Famous Shoes (David Midthunder), leaving Gus and Woodrow — newly promoted to captains — to return the Texas Rangers safely back to Austin to report to Governor Elisha Pease (James Rebhorn).

Woodrow resumes his liaison with hooker Maggie Tilton (Elizabeth Banks), who is carrying his child and whom he refuses to marry, and Gus continues to court Clara Forsythe (Linda Cardellini), who is also being wooed by Nebraskan horse-trader Bob Allen (Josh Berry).

And while her husband's life hangs in the balance as he is held to ransom by Ahumado in the Yellow Cliffs, Northern Mexico, Inez Scull (Rachel Griffith) casts out her net for her next lover in the direction of the Texas Rangers.

As Scull stoically suffers indignities and torment at the hands of Ahumado, Woodrow and Gus lead the Texas Rangers in a bid to rescue him, little realising that the Comanches, who are already killing and capturing the isolated settlers, now have Austin in their sights.

Tragedy is waiting for the Texas Rangers and when Gus hears news that cuts him to the quick he makes a decision that he will come to regret forever. But will he and Woodrow be in time to save Scull's life and return to keep their loved-ones safe?

A gripping and powerful Western saga, Comanche Moon showcases the talents of top-selling writer Larry McMurtry at his best. It is an unbeatable tale; outstandingly told. With a terrific cast of gifted actors and a wonderful insight from the two perspectives of both the American Indian and the white men who face the challenges of the Old West, Comanche Moon is a fascinating, compelling and tense action movie.

The film explores the taboos of the time, the beliefs and culture of both the white men and the Comanches, the in-fighting among the tribesmen, the tragedies, joys and romances, the law of the gun and the harsh realities of frontier life.

Comanche Moon also features: Keith Robinson as Deets; Troy Baker as Pea Eye Parker; Toby Metcalf as Ranger Lee Hitch; Ryan Merriman as Jake Spoon; Wally Welch as Ikey Ripple; Adam Beach as Blue Duck; Melanie Lynskey as Pearl Coleman; Shani Klein-Madden as Banker's Wife; Joseph Castanon as Newt Dobbs; Alfred Montoya as Three Birds; Tatanka Means as Slipping Weasel; Raymond McKinnon; and Jake Busey.

Music is by Lennie Niehaus; Director of Photography is Alan Caso, ASC; Produced by Dyson Lovell; Teleplay by Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry; Based on the Novel by Larry McMurtry; and Directed by Simon Wincer.

Comanche Moon is a gripping tale featuring a rich, star-filled cast and will be released on DVD, courtesy of Acorn Media, on 6 August 2012 | Running Time: 360 minutes Approximately | 2 Discs | Catalogue Number AV3041 | RRP: 19.99.

Special Features: Behind The Scenes Documentary | Cowboy Riding & Training | Comanche Heritage.

"Comanche Moon is a fascinating, compelling and tense action movie" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar