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Creepshow“Straight out of comic book pages,
  a collection of short story films from
  1982 that chill the blood with tales
  of ghostly ghouls, horrifying acts of
  revenge and terrifying ancient
  monsters together in the classic
  horror anthology Creepshow..

GLORIOUSLY GHOULISH AND GORY, Creepshow is one of the classic horror anthologies and is the nightmare creation of masters of the macabre Stephen King and George A Romero.

A collection of grisly and shocking comic book tales, Creepshow begins and ends with a man's condemnation of a comic book called Creep Show and a son's desire to get back at his father for throwing his comic book in the trash can.

“A disturbing, gruesome,
gory and fascinating
selection of stories
The stories are all very different, covering a family gathering during which the elderly Sylvia Grantham (Carrie Nye) entertains her nephew Richard Grantham (Warner Shock) and niece Cass Blaine (Elizabeth Regan) and her husband Hank (Ed Harris) with a family scandal.

Aunt Bedelia (Viveca Lindfors) murdered her father Nathan Grantham (John Lorimer) seven years earlier, supposedly to inherit his money; but she killed him on Father's Day before he had time to eat his cake. Big mistake. He is out for revenge on the family and a little thing like death isn't going to stop him.

In the second, a nave backwoods farmer, Jordy Verrill (Stephen King), sees an opportunity to make some money when he sees a meteorite fall to Earth. But he hasn't reckoned on the deadly grass-like plant that isn't too fussy about where it sinks its roots.

Another is a revenge story where Henry Wentworth (the amazing Ted Danson) is confronted by his lover's husband Richard Vickers (respected comedian Leslie Nielsen), whose lust for vengeance knows no bounds.

He already has his wife Becky (Gaylen Ross) up to her neck in trouble and he lures Henry to a remote private beach to exact his revenge in a final, terrifying way. But will the dead stay dead or is there something equally horrific in store for Richard?

When Professor of Zoology Dexter Stanley (Fritz Weaver) hears that a mystery crate from a 19th Century expedition has been discovered, he is horrified to discover it contains a bloodthirsty creature that seems unable to slake its hunger.

His friend, Henry Northrup (Hal Holbrook), is cursed with an insufferable wife, Wilma (well characterised by Adrienne Barbeau) who drinks too much, demands to be the centre of attention and nags him incessantly and Henry sees an opportunity to close her mouth forever.

Finally, millionaire Upson Pratt (E G Marshall), a thoroughly nasty, self-centred snob with an irrational fear of insects, shows no remorse for a man who has killed himself nor does he show pity for the man's wife, who calls Pratt a "monster".

Blaming everybody for everything, Pratt is soon to get his come-uppance when he is bugged by a plague of cockroaches that just won't be stopped and fittingly bring about his downfall.

The Creepshow collection is a disturbing, gruesome, gory and fascinating selection of stories that keep your interest right through. This classic slice of horror from 1982 gets the high-definition treatment along with a bumper offering of outstanding special features. This respected 1980s Fear-Fest has been described as "the most fun you'll ever have being scared".

With an all-star cast, Creepshow also features Robert Harper as Charlie Gereson, Don Keeper as Mike the Janitor, and Bing O'Malley as Jordy's Father.

Original Music is by John Harrison; Director of Photography is Michael Gornick; Original Screenplay is by Stephen King; Produced by Richard P Rubinstein; and Directed by George A Romero.

Creepshow makes its much-anticipated debut onto Blu-ray, courtesy of Second Sight Films, on 28 October 2013. Running Time: 120 Minutes | RRP: 19.99.

* Special Features: Audio Commentary with Director George A Romero and Special Make-up Effects Creator Tom Savini | Audio Commentary with Director of Photography Michael Gornick, Actor John Amplas, Property Master Bruce Alan Green and make-Up Effects Assistant Darryl Ferrucci | Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow, A Feature-Length Documentary with Cast and Crew | Behind The Screams With Tom Savini | Deleted Scenes | TV Spot | Trailer | Stills Gallery.

"Creepshow a disturbing, gruesome, gory and fascinating selection of stories" Maggie Woods

"Genuinely creepy" Empire

"Macabre" Total Film