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Criminal“Dying and unable to pass on vital
  information that will help to foil an
  international terrorist plot, a CIA
  operative working in London must
  have his memories and skills implanted
  into the brain of a dangerous and
  unpredictable death-row prisoner in
  the exciting and keep-you-guessing
  all-action movie Criminal..

RACING ACROSS LONDON WITH A CASE FULL OF MONEY, CIA agent Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool) finds himself in a tragic situation when his back-up team arrive to help him at the wrong place, due to a mix up with SatNav co-ordinates, and he is gravely injured.

As Bill lies dying, a desperate Quaker Wells (BAFTA winner Gary Oldman: Child 44; Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), the head of CIA London and only too aware of the threat to national security, makes contact with Dr Franks (OSCAR-winner Tommy Lee Jones: The Fugitive; Lincoln), who has developed a way of transferring memories and skills from one person to another — but the only fly in the ointment is the chosen recipient: Jerico Stewart (Kevin Costner: 3 Days To Kill) is a psychopath devoid of feelings who is languishing on death row and whose life-philosophy is "Hurt me and I'll hurt you more".

Cleverly put together
with high tension
and suspense,
Criminal is an action-
crammed movie
with a fascinating
human element...”
With the process still in its infancy and Jerico being taken from the West Virginian US Penitentiary at Hazelton to be forced to co-operate against his will, what lies ahead for a man who has an utter lack of empathy for anything or anybody and whose memories are not his own?

Inside his mind are echoes of a man very much in love with his wife Jill (Gal Gadot: Fast & Furious 6) and who adores his young daughter Emma (Lara DiCasco). Jerico's own traumatic event in childhood rendered him bereft of emotions but he is aware that the CIA may well decide that they can dispense with him as easily as they pulled him from death row.

Will Jerico be willing to help track down techno-bandit Jan "The Dutchman" Strook (Michael Pitt) and Spanish anarchist Xavier Heimdahl (Jordi Molla) to prevent a shocking international incident? Will he protect the two people in the world who meant the most to Bill and who may now be in imminent danger — or is there really not one ounce of humanity in Jerico Stewart?

Cleverly put together with high tension and suspense, Criminal is an action-crammed movie with a fascinating human element. At times graphic and violent, the twists and turns of the complex plot will keep you glued to your seat.

Filmed on location at Croydon College, RAF Saint Athan in Wales, Spitalfields London, Camber Sands and Yateley in Hampshire, Criminal has an incredible cast that also includes: Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness) as Marta Lynch; Antje Traue as Elsa Mueller; Scott Adkins as Pete Greensleeves; and Amaury Nolasco as Esteban Ruiza. There's also a guest appearance by Piers Morgan.

Music is by Brian Tyler and Keith Power; Director of Photography is Dana Gonzales; Written by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg; Produced by J C Spink and Jake Weiner; and Directed by Ariel Vroman (The Iceman).

* Criminal is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK, courtesy of Lionsgate, on 15 August 2016. The film is also available on Digital Download in the UK from 8 August 2016. Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 109 Minutes / 114 Minutes Approximately | Catalogue Number: LID95344 / LIB95344 | RRP: DVD 10.00 / Blu-ray 13.00.

Extras — (DVD & Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray): The Making of Criminal.

"Cleverly put together with high tension and suspense, Criminal is an action-crammed movie with a fascinating human element" ~ Maggie Woods