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Crossfire“Having witnessed his father’s brutal
  murder, a young boy grows up to follow
  in his footsteps into the New York
  Police Department, only to be persuaded
  to join a team of rogue cops led by his
s former partner, in the action-
  packed thriller Crossfire

THREE CLOSE FRIENDS WITH A CRIMINAL PAST are given the opportunity to work for the right side of the law in the NYPD, but each has a different idea and a different experience of being a police officer.

Jonas "Malo" Moldanado (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'; Righteous Kill), who as a child helplessly watched his father die supposedly in the line of duty, forms an alliance with his father's crooked former partner, corrupt veteran vice officer Joe Sarcone (Robert De Niro: Red Lights; Righteous Kill).

Sarcone runs a team of rogue cops and claims to look upon Jonas as a son, taking him under his wing. But far from cleaning up corruption, Jonas soon realises that the cops are the biggest hustlers and tackling vice has a very different meaning for Sarcone.

Crossfire has all the
ingredients of a
first class thriller that
pulls you in and keeps
you hooked...”
Content at first to pocket the dirty money he is given, will Jonas be able to overlook Sarcone's dealings after he discovers the truth surrounding his father's death? Sarcone answers to another boss who is more ruthless than Jonas could ever imagine, and this man will play a big part in the young man's future conduct.

When Jonas comes across former girlfriend Cyn (Anabelle Acosta), whose shady brother Angelo (Jeff Chase) opposed their relationship, he is drawn back to her; but will she give him yet another reason to betray Sarcone and go straight, or is already he in far too deep?

Jonas' two friends look at the force in very different ways. Lucas (Ryan O'Nan) takes his duties seriously and is determined to keep his nose clean and stay on the right side of the law; but AD (Malcolm Goodwin) is a loose cannon who is to cause trouble for Jonas and, ultimately, Sarcone.

Jonas has a devastating decision to make when he is put into the impossible position of proving his reliability to Sarcone's boss by killing someone who has been very close to him. How will he deal with his divided loyalties and what does he really want to do?

The riveting Crossfire follows Jonas as he is forced make up his mind whose side he is really on. With well-paced tension and a terrific support cast, Crossfire has all the ingredients of a first class thriller that pulls you in and keeps you hooked.

Crossfire features and all-star cast including: Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland) as Dennis Lureu; Beau Garrett as Joey; Michael McGrady as Robert Jade; Matt Gerald as Billy Morrison; Robert Wisdom as Terrence Burke; Pedro Armandariz as Gabriel Baez; Roger Edwards as Ricky; and La'Jessie Janoard Smith as Young Malo.

Written by L Philippe Casseus; Original Music by Reg B; cinematography by Igor Martinovic. Producers are: 50 Cent, Randall Emmett; and George Furla. Directed by Jessy Terrero (Director of Soul Plane and Gun).

The action-packed, explosive thriller Crossfire is released on DVD by Entertainment One on 17 September 2012. Running Time: 93 Minutes | RRP: 12.99.

"Crossfire has all the ingredients of a first class thriller that pulls you in and keeps you hooked" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar