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Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150AD
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD“The superb Peter Cushing returns to
  the big screen as Doctor Who in Daleks

  Invasion Earth 2150AD
, a follow-up
  to the previous year
s Dr Who & The
, where his menacing metal-
  encased enemies have found a way to
  leave their home planet of Skaro to
  rain death and destruction on Earth in
  the 22nd Century..

FINDING HIS LIFE DISRUPTED WHEN HE INADVERTENTLY joins Doctor Who (Peter Cushing) on a journey through time while trying to alert the Police Station to a jewellery robbery, Special Constable Tom Campbell (Bernard Cribbens) faces challenges in the Earth of the future — a desolate ruin of a planet, crumbling at the edge of civilisation and about to disappear into the darkness of space; overrun by a hostile and totally callous army of alien invaders.

Having been knocked out by a robber, Tom is helped by the Doctor, his niece Louise (Jill Curzon) and his granddaughter Susan (Roberta Tovey, happily reprising her role in Dr Who & The Daleks), who have briefly returned to present-day Earth and take off again with Tom, who cannot believe what he is witnessing.

Daleks’ Invasion Earth capitalises on
sci-fi exploits with light-
hearted fun...”
Having landed in England's capital city in 2150, The Doctor and his companions are greeted with scenes of devastation and complete silence. No voices; no birds singing; no sign of life. A building collapses on the Tardis, blocking entry with a heavy metal girder that is impossible to move.

Susan has hurt her ankle so stays with the Tardis while the Doctor and Tom search a warehouse for something to use to move the girder. They find a dead man in a leather outfit and a helmet, and hear someone else moving around. When Louise returns to where she has left Susan, the girl has disappeared and a man, Wyler (Andrew Keir), pulls her from the street.

A flying saucer hovers overhead and very soon the Doctor discovers that Earth has been invaded and that deep within the London Underground there is a group of resistance freedom fighters who plan to launch an attack in a battle for Earth's future.

The leaders of the rebellion, Wyler, Brockley (Philip Madoc), David (great to see the lovely, underrated actor Ray Brooks in a prominent role) and Dortmun (Godfrey Quigley) trust nobody. Suspicious of strangers, will they keep Louise and Susan safe?

The Doctor is horrified to learn just who has invaded Earth. His old enemies The Daleks are out to take over the Earth for their own purposes and exterminate the human race if they do not surrender to be turned into obedient Robomen or to be used as slaves in the mysterious Bedfordshire mines.

Tom and Dr Who are taken prisoner but they must escape in order to find Louise and Susan. Will they escape the Robomen and their ruthless masters The Daleks, who have discovered a way to survive away from their metal city? Will they be able to find anyone they can trust when some of the people they meet seem to have their own agenda and may well betray them to The Daleks?

It seems that resistance is futile, but the people of Earth will find that one man can help them to destroy their extraterrestrial foes and take back control of the planet. He is a man of mystery, time and space. A man known as The Doctor…

The sequel to Dr Who & The Daleks, Daleks' Invasion Earth capitalises on sci-fi exploits with light-hearted fun. During the 1960's Peter Cushing was well-known for his appearances in serious horror films while Bernard Cribbins was a respected comedian. Ray Brooks appeared in television's Taxi and Cathy Come Home and was one of the instantly-recognisable faces of the era.

Daleks' Invasion Earth also features: Robert Jewell as Leader Dalek Operator; Roger Avon as Wells; Eileen Way as Older Woman; Geoffrey Cheshire as Roboman; Keith Marsh as Conway; Kenneth Watson as Craddock; Sheila Steafel as Younger Woman; Steve Peters as Leader of Robomen; Eddie Powell as Thompson; and John Wreford as Robber.

Director of Photography is John Wilcox, BSC; Music Composed and Conducted by Bill McGuffie; Electronic Music by Barrie Gray; Screenplay by Milton Subotsky; Additional Material by David Whitaker; Produced by Milton Subotsky and Max J Rosenberg; Executive producer is Joe Vegoda; and Directed by Gordon Flemyng.

* The 1966 cult sci-fi Doctor Who film Daleks' Invasion Earth has been fully restored and is released on DVD and Blu-ray, or as a Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray along with Dr Who & The Daleks (see separate film review), courtesy of STUDIOCANAL, on 27 May 2013.

DVD Total Running Time: Approximately 80 Minutes | Catalogue No: OPTD2530 | RRP: £15.99.

Blu-ray Total Running Time: Approximately 84 Minutes | Catalogue No: OPTBD2530 | RRP: £19.99.

Extras Restoring Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD | Interview With Bernard Cribbins | Interview With Gareth Owen | Stills Gallery | Trailer.

"Daleks' Invasion Earth capitalises on sci-fi exploits with light-hearted fun" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

Doctor Who — The Dalek Films

Dr Who & The Daleks and Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD are available individually on DVD or Blu-ray or as a Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray that includes both films and is also to be released on 27 May 2013.

2013 marks the centenary of celluloid legend of film and television the great Peter Cushing as well as the 50th anniversary of the first appearance on television of the legendary Time Lord Dr Who.

To honour this, STUDIOCANAL has announced the release on DVD and Blu-ray of both the only cinematic incarnations of the Doctor's adventures, Dr Who & The Daleks and Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD, suitably pitting the Time Lord against his most infamous enemies, The Daleks.

Both have been digitally remastered and are available in HD for the first time. These releases are accompanied by a host of specially created new extras including a look at the restoration work and brand new interviews.

The Blu-ray Limited Collector's Edition Extras Audio Commentary with Roberta Tovey and Jenny Linden | Dalekmania | Restoring Dr Who And The Daleks | Interview With Gareth Owen | Interview With Bernard Cribbins | Interview With Gareth Owen | Stills Gallery | Trailers. RRP: £22.99.

Also in celebration of the landmarks, STUDIOCANAL and the ICO are also pleased to announce that both films will be back on the big screen across the UK. Full details about screenings during 2013 are available at independentcinemaoffice.