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Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body Burn

Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body BurnPut a ‘Spring’ in your step at any time
  of the year with a great new fitness DVD
  from Acacia. With the focus on beginners
  and casual fitness fans, Dance And
Be Fit: Lower Body Burn encourages a
  healthy lifestyle while keeping fit in a
  relaxed and simple way. Even the most
  inexperienced beginner will have the
  confidence to tackle this exhilarating
  fitness programme

WHO DOESN'T WANT BEAUTIFUL LEGS? If you yearn for strong, lean legs and shapely, toned hips and thighs, why not shape up while having some fun?

Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body Burn is one of the best ways to achieve fabulous legs and to tone problem thighs and hips — and it is great fun in a creative and energetic way. Forget boring and repetitive, this is the way to go!

The third release in the hugely popular Dance And Be Fit series, Lower Body Burn focuses on specific trouble spots while injecting freshness and fun into a workout to give you the incentive to work towards the body beautiful.

Kimberly Miguel Mullen takes you through some really cool dance routines that will take you on your path to legs to die for in Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body Burn. She shows you how to prepare your body for an exhilarating dance workout with the correct breathing and posture. Demonstrating positions and stretching and bending knees, Kimberly urges you to go at your own pace and aim for gracefulness. You can step up the tempo whenever you're ready.

Split into two twenty minute practices that can fit anyone's schedule, the workouts can be practiced individually or together, whichever suits you. But you can be sure of a fun experience and rapid results from regular exercise.

Hip sways, high kicks and other simple routines help to lift and shape the rear, tone the hips and thighs and strengthen the overall physique while targeting the lower body in an effective way. Original music and captivating choreography ensure an uplifting, light-hearted and enjoyable experience. But don't forget to cool down with smooth and gentle movements.

In no time at all you will master the dancer lunges that professional dancers make look so easy — keep practising and working those hips. Dance away your excess inches and your blues with Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body Burn = treat yourself to those sexy, high-kicking legs!

Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body Burn is staged by Kimberly Miguel Mullen, who is also the Choreographer, dancer, Music Supervisor, and Rehearsal Director; The Other Dancers are Sartia Louise Moore and Kourtney Kaas; Director/Executive Producer is James Wvinner; Producer is Paul Eckstein; Director of Photography is Matt Ardine and The Music is Composed by Carlos Torres.

So kick off your shoes, turn up the heat and burn those calories: Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body Burn is available now on DVD at a RRP of 14.99.

Workout Options

Warm-Up (5 minutes) | Heavenly Hips (20 mins) | Lovely Legs (20 mins) | Cool Down (5 minutes). Introduction | Play All | Workout Options | Music Options.

Bonus Features

Bonus from Dance And Be Fit: Latin Groove (11 mins) | Bonus from Dance And Be Fit: Brazilian Body (8 mins) | Kimberly Miguel Mullen Biography | Composer's Biography.

"Dance away your excess inches and your blues with Dance And Be Fit: Lower Body Burn — treat yourself to those sexy, high-kicking legs!"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar

Kimberly Miguel Mullen

Kimberly Miguel Mullen gained a Master's degree in dance from UCLA and she brings to the world of dance strength, humility and natural grace, enhanced by extensive training and research in the United States, the Caribbean and Brazil. Check out