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Dark Mirror
Dark MirrorA woman is drawn to a house with a
  dark secret involving the inexplicable
  disappearance of an artist and his
  family; a mystery that appears to be
  linked to a series of grisly murders
in the neighbourhood and a shadowy
  figure that threatens even her own
  husband and son when she looks
  through the Dark Mirror..

A CLEVER, KEEP-YOU-GUESSING MOVIE without the backing of a big studio, Dark Mirror is a thrilling supernatural movie with sinister overtones and a curious twist.

This is not a traditional 'haunted house' ghost story with the drama unfolding in a derelict, abandoned building in the dark of the night. Instead, the seemingly-normal house in the Californian sunshine gives away nothing of its dark secret.

The house is bought by Jim Martin (David Chisum) and his wife Debbie (Lisa Vidal: ER), who are relocating from rainy Seattle to sunny Southern California as Jim is to start a prestigious new job. The couple have a young son, Ian (Joshua Pelegrin), and having searched fruitlessly for the perfect home, Debbie believes they have finally found it.

Dark Mirror…
an intriguing and clever
venture into
the shadowy world
of mystery
and imagination...”
Debbie is strangely drawn to the house and believes it to be her dream house. There is a garden for Joshua and she is fascinated by the decorative glass window panes that the real estate agent tells her come from China.

Apparently the house once belonged to reclusive artist Rupert Wells (Marcus de Anda), who lived there with his family. But the mysterious disappearance of the Wells' has never been solved.

Debbie is keen to resurrect her career as a photographer and begins to take photographs of the interior of the house taking advantage of the amazing Californian sunlight streaming in through the windows. She is particularly fascinated by the two mirrors opposite each other in the bathroom that seem to reflect infinity.

In the full glare of the Californian sunshine and in the camera flash in the mirror, Debbie becomes haunted by a hidden presence that is a malevolent force. As she photographs herself in the bathroom mirror, the flash seems to cause a strange ripple effect through to what could be another dimension. Or is it just the workings of her increasingly unstable mind?

Is this really the opening of a gateway to the past or is it an alternative reality? Could it be that she is slowly going insane? Whatever the truth may be, her photographs spark off a series of events that drive her deeper into a terrifying abyss.

Debbie is being stalked by a hooded figure who could be responsible for slaughtering anyone who upsets her and who is photographed by her. Seeing strange things through the mirrors and glass reflections and having disturbing nightmares, Debbie begins to try to work out why this is happening to her.

The more she discovers about the house and its dark past, the bloodier the present becomes and death is all around her. At all costs she must keep those dear to her safe. A visit from her mother reassures her but worries Jim, and when Debbie sees Jim talking to their neighbour, the exhibitionist actress and model Tammy (Christine Lakin), she becomes obsessed that they are flirting.

Convinced that there is a vengeful spirit at work and that it has something to do with the disappearance of the artist and his family, Debbie tries to reassure Ian. But Jim is becoming alarmed that she may be descending into madness and that she just might have something to do with the recent killings.

Tragedy is looming and there is only one, drastic and terrible, way to stop the murderer. But will it be soon enough and, if Jim is right, what has happened to the bodies?

With a slow, easy build-up, Dark Mirror is a fascinatingly-ambiguous and compelling ghost story full of twists and turns. The film is an intriguing and clever venture into the shadowy world of mystery and imagination.

Dark Mirror also features: Lupe Ontiveros as Grace; David Farkas as Chad; John Haymes Newton as Brendan; Jim Storm as Frank; Tucker Smallwood as Detective Williams; and Juliana Rong as Mrs Yoshida.

Screenplay is by Matthew Reynolds and Pablos Proenza. Story by Pablo Proenza and Erin Ploss-Campoamor. Director of Photography is Armando Salas. Music is by Pieter A Schlosser and Isaac Sprintis. Producer is Erin Ploss-Campoamor. Directed by Pablo Proenza. Debbie's photographs by Javier Proenza; Eleanor's artwork by Halcyon Haynes-Campoamor. Alexa Knows written and performed by Laura Proenza.

Arrow Films' Dark Mirror is released on DVD on 3 September 2012. Running Time: 82 Minutes | RRP: £12.99. Extras Include: Behind The Scenes Featurette | Trailer.

"Dark Mirror… an intriguing and clever venture into the shadowy world of mystery and imagination"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A tour-de-force performance" — Variety