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Death At A Funeral

Death At A Funeral“Hi-jinks at the wake of a recently-
  deceased respected pillar of the
  community who appears to have a
  skeleton rattling around in his closet
  is the storyline for the wildly funny
  Death At A Funeral, a well-paced
  comedy that marries classic slap-
  stick to modern humour

AS MOURNERS CONVERGE ON THE FAMILY HOME of a dear, departed relative in Los Angeles, they cannot even begin to imagine the chaos that is about to unearth a deeply buried secret and a second body that will need urgent attention.

Son Aaron (a wonderfully over-the-top Chris Rock: Grown Ups; Madagascar) is organising the funeral and is horrified to discover that the body in the coffin is not that of his father. But there are more shocks in store.

Widow Cynthia (Loretta Devine: Crash; Waiting To Exhale) is never happy and continually berates her daughter-in-law Michelle (Regina Hall: First Sunday; Scary Movie 1-4) for not providing her with grandchildren. With the arrival of her favourite son Ryan (Martin Lawrence: Big Momma's House; Bad Boys I & II), a spendthrift and broke novelist, Cynthia becomes single minded and simmering sibling rivalries threaten the peace of the gathering.

Lovely niece Elaine (Zoe Saldaña: Avatar; Star Trek) arrives with her fiancé Oscar (James Marsden: Enchanted; X-Men) — who has accidentally taken a hallucinogenic drug and is away with the fairies (sorry, cherubs!) — accompanied by her brother Jeff (Columbus Short: Quarantine; Stomp The Yard), who has been careless with his illegal drugs.

Elaine is dismayed to discover that family friend Norman (Tracy Morgan: 30 Rock; First Sunday; Cop Out) has brought along her former boyfriend Derek (Luke Wilson: Old School; The Royal Tenenbaums), who has been invited by her strict father Duncan (Ron Glass: Lakeview Terrace; Serenity). Norman has also collected the elderly and cantankerous wheelchair-bound Uncle Russell (the wonderful Danny Glover: 2012; Lethal Weapon 1-4).

Add to this the less-than-holy Reverend Davis (Keith David: ATL; First Sunday), who is conducting the service; the sexy 18-year-old Martina (Regine Nehy) and the spectre at the feast in the shape of Frank (the excellent and wonderfully-dark Peter Dinklage: Elf; The Station Agent — Peter also played the same role in the original 2007 version of Death At A Funeral), who after revealing a shocking secret blackmails the family, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster!

The film opens with beautiful drawings and barely a clue to the high-energy riot that is about to be unleashed. Toilet humour is messy with the "yuk" factor, but happily kept to a minimum and actually manages to be funny. With a plethora of talented comedians and hilarious happenings in Death At A Funeral, there must have been a glut of corpsing!

Who else will be given the hallucinatory drugs? Will a naked man on the roof, a spilt coffin, a former boyfriend, sibling rivalry and a potentially-embarrassing body upset the funeral arrangements? Some of the film's critics have drawn unfavourable comparisons with the 2007 British film of the same name, but both have their merits and the 2010 version kept us watching and dug up more than enough laughs to be a satisfying comedy.

Death At A Funeral also features Kevin Hart as Brian. Music is by Christophe Beck; Director of Photography is Rogier Stoffers, ASC; Produced by Chris Rock (Good Hair; Everybody Hates Chris), William Horberg (Milk; The Kite Runner), Share Stallings (upcoming A Few Best Men; Curious George 2) and Laurence Malkin (upcoming A Few Best Men; Caffeine), Sidney Kimmel (Adventureland; Lars And The Real Girl) and William Horberg; Executive Produced by Jim Tauber (Management), Bruce Toll (Adventureland; Management), Dean Craig (Off The Hook) and Glenn S Gainor (Obsessed; Quarantine); Written by Dean Craig (upcoming Down And Dirty Pictures; Caffeine); and Directed by Neil LaBute (Nurse Betty; Lakeview Terrace).

You will be dying to get your hands on Death At A Funeral and you can pay your respects to the year's most outrageous comedy when it comes to Blu-ray and DVD on 27 September 2010. RRP: DVD: £17.99; Blu-ray: £22.99 | Certificate: 15 | Running Time: 92 Minutes.

Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Materials Include: Commentary With Director Neil LaBute and Chris Rock | Deleted Scenes | Out-takes | Death At A Funeral: Last Rites, Dark Secrets Featurette | Family Album Featurette | Death For Real Featurette.

Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Material: movieIQ+sync and BD-Live connect you to real-time information on the cast, music, trivia and more while watching the movie. The Blu-ray Disc version of Death At A Funeral is BD-Live enabled, allowing users to get connected and go beyond the disc via an Internet-conneced Blu-ray player to download content.

"With a plethora of talented comedians and hilarious happenings in Death At A Funeral, there must have been a glut of corpsing!" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar