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Deep Winter

Deep WinterAgainst a dramatic and unforgiving
  environment, two twenty-something
  friends with the respective talents of
  snowboarding and skiing accept
  the challenge of tackling a dangerous
  and unpredictable mountain peak,
  but along with the discovery of their
  own strengths and weaknesses comes
  a terrible price in Deep Winter

THROWN OUT OF THE TEAM FOR IGNORING the advice of Coach Dando (Robert Carradine: the Revenge Of The Nerds movies) and taking unnecessary chances, talented renegade world-class downhill skier Tyler Crowe (Eric Lively: The Butterfly Effect 2; The Breed; The L Word) is at a loose end when he bumps into Mark Rider (Kellan Lutz: the Twilight movies; A Nightmare On Elm Street; 90210).

Mark is his best friend from childhood and the two have not met for some time. A professional poster-boy snowboarder, Mark plans to go to Alaska with his friend CJ (Shane Anderson) to tackle the notorious Meteorite, a particularly challenging mountain peak, to be filmed for an extreme sports action documentary.

The three young men take to the slopes and the result is brilliantly-executed acrobatics and a fantastic symphony of downhill snowboarding and skiing. When CJ breaks his leg, Mark asks Tyler to replace him on the slopes of the Meteorite.

Mark is upset about Tyler's romance with his younger sister Elisa (Peyton List: Mad Men; FlashForward), with whom, and unknown to Mark, Tyler has already had some history. But as Elisa gets closer to Tyler, Mark is far from happy. Nevertheless, both set their sights on making history by conquering a legendary unrideable mountain and catching it all on film.

Mark and Tyler are soon practising their skills under the watchful eye of helicopter pilot and veteran mountain guide Dean Bauer (Michael Madsen: Kill Bill), who warns them that the slopes are more difficult and unpredictable than the ones they are used to.

As Tyler and Mark move on to more challenging slopes, living on the edge and making a perfect run in seemingly impossible conditions, the tension mounts. Risking it all, they take on the biggest sporting challenge of their lives — both addicted to the thrill of the adrenaline rush. But the beautiful, stark white mountains harbour a danger that has already claimed lives, including that of Dean's friend and business partner, Randy Klein, when he and Dean made their own attempt to descend the notorious peak.

Jealousy and resentment cause a rift between Tyler and Mark and, against Dean's advice, video producer Stephan Weeks (Luke Goss: Hellboy II: The Golden Army) refuses to stop shooting as the weather changes. The boys argue over Tyler's relationship with Mark's sister and their plans fall apart, leading to a tragedy where guilt and grief may combine to alter destinies.

Amid breathtaking scenery, Deep Winter is shot on location in Alaska, Utah and the Austrian Alps, providing the perfect backdrop for the spectacular extreme sports action in Deep Winter — a visually exciting movie with totally mind-blowing stunts, interwoven around a story of relationships, courage and determination.

Hot rising young stars Kellan Lutz, Eric Lively and Peyton List are joined by former Bros star Luke Goss and Hollywood veterans Michael Madsen and Robert Carradine in an involving story of loyalty, friendship and courage that Film Critics United rates as having "amazing photography… [and] some of the best stunt skiing you'll ever see".

Deep Winter also features: Michael Pulte as Flip; K Danor Gerald as Buzzman; Christo Morse as Race Starter; Joshua David McLerran as French Boarder Number 1; Ryan Templeman as French Boarder Number 2; and Gail Bennett as French Boarder Number 3. Also featuring the skiing and snowboarding of Seth Morrison, Shin Campos, Dan Treadway, J P Auclair and Anthony Boronowski.

The composer is Gerald Brunskill; Cinematography is by Patrick Reddish; Associate Producers are: Seth Berman, Chad Fleischer and Dan Schaefer; Co Producers are: Hoot Maynard and Christo Morse; Executive Producers are: Jack Zoller, Martha L Karsh, Shimon Kabili, Daniel Wood, Matt Weibel and Tom Hilb; Producer is Glenn Zoller; Story is by Mikey Hilb and Glenn Zoller; Written by Jonathan Protass; and Directed by Mikey Hilb (Dishdogz).

Adding the warmth of human drama to a thrilling tale of two young men willing to take on the chilling and unforgiving forces of nature in their bid for sporting glory, Deep Winter is released on DVD, courtesy of Chelsea Films, on 10 October 2011. Certificate: 12 | RRP: £12.99.

"Deep Winter… a visually exciting movie with totally mind-blowing stunts, interwoven around a story of relationships, courage and determination" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"An entertaining spectacle sporting some jaw-dropping downhill footage… I can't say enough about how awesome the skiing and snowboarding is in this movie… Fantastic" — DVD Verdict