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Demons Season 1

Demons Season 1Is there anyone who can protect
  mankind from the Demons that exist
  around us? With grotesque faces
  and supernatural powers, they lurk
  in every corner of the city — and
  seek a special teenager who carries
  with him a secret of which even he
  and his mother are unaware

WHEN AMERICAN DEMON-SLAYER Rupert Galvin (Philip Glenister: Life On Mars, Cranford) reveals to his godson Luke Rutherford (Christian Cooke: Echo Beach, Doctor Who) the horrifying truth about the demons who walk the streets of modern-day London, little does the teenager realise that he will discover a life-changing secret about his father — and his astonishing heritage.

Soon Luke is seeing the other-worldly beings for himself. First, a Type 3 — a gremlin-like creature (look away if you've ever imaged there's a monster under the bed!) that has already killed the secretary at his High School and has accessed Luke's personal file — then its accomplice, a Type 5, the ghoulish-looking Redlip (Martin Hancock). But they are not alone. Incidentally, the first line of the compulsive title song "Who's cooking monsters in the kitchen?" sounds like a direct reference to the film Gremlins.

Supernatural forces are at work as the action-packed, six-part hit television series Demons Season 1 now comes to DVD and Blu-ray, following the struggle between human and in-human as Rupert and Luke lead the fight against the freaks that include a Type 12, the sinister vampire Gladiolus Thrip (marvellously played by Mackenzie Crook: The Office, Pirates Of The Caribbean), who bears a deep-seated hatred for anyone connected with Van Helsing.

Keeping Luke's mother Jenny (Saskia Wickham) in the dark, Rupert takes the teenager to meet the beautiful, mysterious blind pianist Mina Harker (ZoŽ Tapper: Affinity, Survivors), who doesn't suffer fools gladly but who seems to take a liking to Luke.

When Luke's best friend Ruby (Holliday Grainger: Waterloo Road) is threatened by the in-humans, the two teenagers find themselves catapulted into a nether-world of vampires, demons and zombies in this full-blooded fantasy adventure — and Luke has no alternative other than to involve Ruby as he fulfils his destiny to protect mankind from the demons.

Putting a contemporary spin on Bram Stoker's legendary story, Demons is set on and beneath the streets of London and Rupert is a larger-than-life American with a tragic past and zero tolerance towards the evil in-humans. Demons is aimed at teenagers and is not supposed to be taken too seriously: the series has its comic moments and Philip Glenister hams it up a treat. Pure escapism and I loved it.

Luke is struggling to balance a normal life with learning how to deal with the demons. Seemingly ordinary situations develop into dangerous ones and there are plenty of clever, dark and creepy shots alongside the beautiful vistas of London. And sometimes Luke just doesn't recognise the enemy — who can take many forms — as he strives to smite the half-lives who stalk the streets.

Great throwaway lines abound, such as when Luke tells Ruby he has seen something like a monkey and she exclaims ironically: "You've got monkeys! Well, there goes the neighbourhood!"

What is the link between Luke and the fearless vampire-slayer Abraham Van Helsing, who took on the terrifying Count Dracula and whose library was hidden below the pavements of Smithfield Market by his assistant Jonathan Harker many years ago? Will Luke embrace his true calling? Will we be forever plagued by Demons?

Demons also features: Thomas Arnold as Jay Van Helsing; the fantastic Richard Wilson as Father Simeon; Rich English as Gilgamel; Kevin McNally as Mr Tibbs; Sam Loggin as Kirsty Dunelm; Kizzy Mee as Madge Dunelm; Grace Vance as Ally Dunelm; Aaron McCusker as Mark; Ben Walker as Jamie; Vincent Wang as Kumo San; Nichola Marie Stokes as Angel; Laura Pyper as Grace; and Calvin Dean as Mouseman.

The series is created by Peter Tabern, Johnny Capps, and Julian Murphy; Produced by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy; Composer is Jack C Arnold; Director of Photography is Geoffrey Wharton ACS; Executive Producer for Sony Pictures Television International is Dean Hargrove and Directed by Tom Harper.

Demons Season 1 is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray from 6 April (2009), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

"Demons is aimed at teenagers and is not supposed to be taken too seriously: the series has its comic moments and Philip Glenister hams it up a treat. Pure escapism and I loved it" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar