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Dicte Crime Reporter (Season Two)
Dicte Crime Reporter (Season Two)“Joining the impressive releases of
  Scandi-noir drama, the second season
  of Dicte Crime Reporter centres
  around the life of a divorced crime
  reporter who has returned to her home
  town to try and put her past behind her,
  creating a new beginning for herself
  and her daughter; but as she begins
  her investigations of serious crimes
  she may not be fully prepared for the
  risks she chooses to take

PLANNING TO MOVE ON FROM THE PAST and build a new life with her 19-year-old daughter Rose (Emilie Claudius Kruse), plucky crime reporter Dicte Svendsen (Iben Hjejie: High Fidelity) returned to her home town of Aarhus and is now romantically involved with attractive colleague Bo Skytte (Dar Salim), who is ten years younger.

Estranged from her Jehovah's Witness parents for many years, Dicte is contacted by her father Knud (Rasmus Haxen) while she is out with Bo at a concert. As he waits outside to tell her "something important", he is hit by a speeding Mercedes and is rushed to hospital in a coma. Dicte says she cannot speak to her father as her mother Anna (Ida Dwinger), with whom she has had a particularly strained relationship, will be there.

Dicte Crime Reporter
Season Two is a thrilling
and utterly don’t-miss
series with a tough, but
human, female lead...”
While waiting for her father to recover enough to tell her whatever it was he needed to say, Dicte discovers with the help of her cousin, Detective John Wagner (Lars Brygmann), that the car involved in the hit and run belongs to Johan Poulsen (Caspar Phillipsen).

Johan is the son of Carl Ferdinand Poulsen (Steen Springborg), a property shark who lives off immoral earnings. He owns brothels and may be involved with people trafficking and diamond smuggling.

Dicte's boss Otto Kaiser (Peter Shrøder) tells Dicte that a black woman, Tiffany (Wanjiku Victoria Seest), with links to Poulsen, who controls prostitutes by their fear of voodoo, was killed in a room at the Radisson Hotel close to the scene of the hit-and-run.

Dicte also discovers that Johan is abusive towards his wife Julia (Amelia Høy), who intends to take their four-year-old son Aron (Djibril Sesay) and leave him.

Working alongside Detective Linda Bendtsen (Ditte Ylva Olsen), who is having an affair with a married woman, Wagner is keen to keep Dicte out of the loop on crimes they are both working on.

Brash, quick-witted reporter Dicte is a risk-taker, often putting her life in danger to get her story and uncover the truth. She will bend the rules, sometimes ending up on the wrong side of the law, or put her relationships at risk; and nothing will prevent her from finding the answers.

The body of wellness clinic owner Lotte Askov is discovered tied up and blindfolded at her home; possibly a sado-masochistic sexual game gone wrong. Could gardener Gunnar (Victor Marcussen) or his disadvantaged son Frederik (Elliott Hove) be involved? Dicte's search for the truth takes her unwisely close to the heart of sado-masochism.

When Stefanie Høgsbro (Stephania Portalivo) and her twelve-year-old sister Nicole (Bebiane Ivalo Keutzmann) go clubbing with Dicte's daughter Rose, the youngster disappears. Her parents do not seem concerned but Dicte and Wagner discover a worrying history of neglect and believe Nicole may have fallen into the wrong hands.

Rose's father, Torsten (Lars Ranthe) is now married to Anne (Lærke Winther), who is very close to Dicte. Torsten backs Rose when she wants to move in with her famous footballer boyfriend Jannick Riise (Morten Vang Simonsen) against Dicte's wishes and soon she and Wagner are investigating football hooliganism and match fixing.

The unknown, the unpredictable and danger are very much part of Dicte's and Wagner's lives. Wagner has offered Grace Tolou Aboka (Tanyar Moodie) a temporary home at his flat as she is in hiding from Poulsen, but it is a decision that will result in a tragedy, leaving his life in chaos. He is relying on Dicte's determination to clear his name.

Dicte Crime Reporter Season Two features five gripping stories in ten episodes: Dreams and Diamonds; Passion and Chains; Presence and Absence; Goals and Means; and Law and Duty. Based on the crime novels of best-selling Danish author Elsebeth Egholm (The Free Women's Club), Dicte Crime Reporter Season Two is a thrilling and utterly don't-miss series with a tough, but human, female lead.

Dicte Crime Reporter Season Two also features: Hannibal Rasmussen as Alexander Wagner (son of Detective John Wagner); Kadja Diamond Jalooh as Jannice; Michael Asmussen as Mads; Morten Hemmingsen as Martin Askov; Andrea Vagn Jensen as Louise Holm; and Christian Gade Bjerrum as Jon (Photographer friend of Bo).

Composer is Jeppe Kaas; Series Cinematography: Mikkel Find, Balthazar Hertel, Anne Skamris, Claus Rosenlør Jensen, Erik Zappon, Aders Agerbo and Henrik Kristensen; Series Produced by: Jonas Allen, Peter Bose and Christian Potaliva; Director is Kasper Barfoed with Jasper W Neilsen and Christian E Christiansen.

* Dicte Crime Reporter Season Two is released on DVD in the UK by Acorn Mediat International alongside Dicte Crime Reporter Season One & Two Box Set on 7 August 2017. Certificate: 18 | Running Time: 434 Minutes Approximately on Two Discs | Catalogue Number AV3331 | RRP: £24.99.

* Dicte Crime Reporter Season One & Two: Certificate: 18 | Running Time: 884 Minutes Approximately on Four Discs | Catalogue Number AV3333 | RRP: £39.99.

"Dicte Crime Reporter Season Two is a thrilling and utterly don't-miss series with a tough, but human, female lead"
**** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Scandi drama at its best" — The Guardian

"The Killing and Borgen fans will want to binge on this Danish crime thriller" — The Sun