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Die Hard 4.0
Die Hard 4.0 "One little piece of code and the world falls apart… virtual terrorism"

' DIE HARD FANS HAVE A TREAT IN STORE as old-school cop John McLane (Willis) blazes back onto our screens with the release of Die Hard 4.0 on DVD and Blu-Ray from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The series of Die Hard films are excellent, well-paced thrillers and Die Hard 4.0 is no exception eminently watchable, edge-of-your-seat exciting, thoroughly enjoyable and another don't-miss Number One.

Die Hard 4.0 has a salutary lesson about setting up deals with bad guys. Don't. Two young men are blown up because one of them — a computer hacker — was tempted to accept a job for "fifty G's". A second warning shot across the bows is don't date John McClane's daughter — and especially don't kidnap her!

Directed splendidly by Len Wiseman (Underworld), Die Hard 4.0 is full of clever touches, amazing special effects, twists and turns, Action and even more Action. The story revolves around the not-quite bullet-proof NYPD officer John McClane trying to track down the bad guys who have brought the computer infrastructure that controls all communic-ations, transportation and power in America to a halt — with possible devastating consequences.

McClane, now divorced from Holly Gennero and having a difficult relationship with his daughter, is sent to bring in computer hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long). Both are pitched headlong into the centre of
the cyber-terrorism plot — 'Fire Sale' (as in 'everything must go') masterminded by Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant at his wicked best) that could shut down America.

In true Die Hard style, McClane is given the opportunity to flex his muscles and take on the enemy — including Gabriel's lover, Mai Linh (marvellously played by Maggie Q, Mission Impossible III) as well as trying to save the entire United States of America — and perhaps the world — and protect daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

As usual McClane rides roughshod in his kick-ass way over the path-etic attempts to restore law and order by the FBI's Cyber-Security Division in Washington DC and almost single-handedly uses his own brand of defence in his fight to mete out justice to the bad guys.

With the hi-tech help of Matt and his computer genius friend The Warlock (Kevin Smith being suitably efficient), McClane blasts his way through the movie. Along the way there is the usual Die Hard des-truction and mayhem — with a few surprises and devious criminals thrown in for good measure. "Another day in paradise," says McClane resignedly, surveying the chaos.

The film is packed with Die Hard one-liners: When Matt says "I don't think I can handle anyone else trying to kill me," John says "You get used to it." And when John's daughter Lucy turns out to be a chip off the old block, Matt comments: "I know that tone — it's just weird coming from someone with hair."

Die Hard 4.0 is everything you could wish for — highly visual stunts, plenty of action, a fair share of blood (but never gore!), explosive situations, sinister baddies, clever plots, well thought out details and much death and destruction (make sure it's totalled, please — this is Die Hard!).

Written by Mark Bomback and David Marconi, the story of Die Hard 4.0 was based on an article "a farewell to arms" by John Carlin and also features Cliff Curtis, Yancey Arias and Christina Chang among the very effective, hard-working and talented cast. Die Hard 4.0 will blow you away!

Product Information

Die Hard 4.0 was released on 29 October (2007) | Price (RRP): £19.99 (1 disc) £24.99 (2 disc) £24.99 (Blu-ray) | Certificate: 15
Running Time: 123 mins | DVD Aspect Ratio: 2.4:1 (16x9 LB)

1 Disc DVD Special Features: 04 Deleted and Extended Scenes |
02 Featurettes 'Die Hard by Guyz Nite' and 'Behind the Scenes with Guyz Nite' | Gag Reel.

2 Disc 'Ultimate Action Edition' DVD Special Features: 04 Deleted and Extended Scenes | 07 Featurettes: 'Die Hard by Guyz Nite'; Behind the Scenes with 'Guyz Nite'; Yippie-ki-yay Mother F*****!; Fox Movie Channel Presents 'Fox Legacy'; Hacker Underworld; Homeland Security in a Cyber Age; Matt's Pad with Justin Long | 'Analog Hero in a Digital World: Making of Die Hard 4.0' (10-part documentary) | Gag Reel. This 2 disc 'Ultimate Action Edition' contains a new cut of the film not seen in cinemas with more attitude and more action plus even more thrilling special features.

Blu-ray Disc Special Features: 'Analog Hero in a Digital World: Making of Die Hard 4.0' (10-part documentary) | 04 Featurettes: 'Die Hard by Guyz Nite'; Behind the Scenes with Guyz Nite'; Yippie-ki-yay Mother F*****!; Fox Movie Channel Presents 'Fox Legacy' |
Theatrical Trailer.

"An adrenalin-fuelled action epic" — The News of the World