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Direct Contact

Direct Contact“A former US Special Forces soldier
  languishing in prison is offered a chance
  to earn his freedom by rescuing an
  American woman kidnapped by a
ruthless Eastern European warlord in
  the explosive, hard-hitting movie Direct

SENT TO THE HARSH VRATOV PRISON in The Balkans for smuggling weapons, tough, gutsy former US Special Forces soldier Mike Riggins (action superstar Dolph Lundgren: The Expendables) is attacked by a number of inmates with knives and is forced to fight spectacularly for his life, being beaten up by the guards in the process.

Into the prison comes Clive Connolly (Michael Pare), saying he is an attaché to the American Embassy and offering Mike the chance of freedom and a lump sum of $100,000 to pay off his debts. All he has to do is rescue an American woman, Ana Gale (Gina May) from the ruthless warlord Vlado (Vladimir Vladimirov) who has kidnapped her and taken her to Eastern Europe.

It is a dangerous mission that could cost him his life, but he acquits himself well against seemingly-impossible odds. If anyone can succeed, it is Mike Riggins.

Connolly tells Mike that the American Government doesn't pay ransoms and therefore he will have to enter the compound near The Black Sea where Ana is being held and take on her guards, led by General Drago (Bashar Rahal).

Mike agrees the terms but insists on $200,000. Connolly agrees and hands him a cellphone and a list of people who will help him. He warns Mike that the girl may resist because they believe she has been drugged and she has developed sympathy with her kidnappers.

But there are guys you just don't mess with and Mike is one of them. He has to deal with some pretty nasty types before he can find Ana and when he reaches the compound, Ana refuses to go with him and claims she is there of her own free will to help Vlado's son (Yoan Petrov). Mike has to resort to desperate measures and an explosive situation develops, fuelled by his burning desire to get Ana to safety — but there seem to be a number of discrepancies in the story he has been told.

Just who is Ana and is Clive Connolly really working with the American Embassy? It appears that Mike has been sold a lie and there is more trouble to follow as Ana becomes more and more attached to him. Mike goes in armed and very dangerous, with danger and treachery at every turn.

Anything with Dolph Lundgren is great in my book. The man himself says: "Expect a fast-paced, kick-ass action movie" and Direct Contact is just that. Enjoy the destruction — of trains, trucks, jeeps and helicopters. The chase involving two Hummers and a motorbike is awesome.

You can also bank on plenty of full-contact martial arts in this heart-pounding, tense and enjoyable thriller as Direct Contact exploits Dolph's skills to the full. Some female nudity.

Direct Contact also features James Chalke as Trent Robbins and Raycho Vasley as Boris. Music is by Stephen Edwards; Production Designer is Carlos da Silva; Director of Photography is Ross Clarkson, HKSc, ACS; Executive Producers are: Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbort, Boaz Davidson, Trevor Short, David Yarod, Jack Gilardi Jr and Ewerhard 'Ed' Engels; Produced by Les Wildon, Danny Lerner and Anton Höger; Story by Danny Lerner and Les Weldon; Written by Les Weldon; Directed by Danny Lerner.

Dolph Lundgren doesn't disappoint as the embittered soldier trying to win back his life amidst the bullets and car chases in the explosive movie Direct Contact from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, to be released on 13 June 2011. RRP: £12.99 | Certificate: 18 (UK & Ireland) | Running Time: 87 Minutes Approximately.

"Expect plenty of full-contact martial arts in this heart-pounding, tense and enjoyable thriller as Direct Contact exploits Dolph's skills to the full" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar