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The Divorce Of Lady X

The Divorce Of Lady X“A comedy of manners and errors,
  The Divorce Of Lady X was filmed in
  the 1930s and is a smart piece of
  light-hearted screwball comedy that
  should be viewed as a tantalising
  period movie and an enjoyable farce...”

STARRING THE MAGNIFICENT Laurence Olivier and the delightful Merle Oberon at her mischievous best, The Divorce Of Lady X begins in London in the fog at one time the capital was well-known for its 'smog', giving it the nickname of 'The Smoke'. This 'real pea-souper' is such that those who have attended a costume ball at The Royal Park Hotel are forced to stay the night.

As the hotel is overflowing, the guests who have booked suites are asked to give up one of their rooms to the ladies who need them. But Everard Logan (Laurence Olivier), a top barrister who specialises in divorce, refuses to share his rooms and so the fun begins.

The beautiful Leslie Steele (Merle Oberon) is determined that she shall spend a comfortable night and having persuaded Everard to allow her to sleep on his floor, she ends up stealing his bed, forcing him to sleep on the floor instead!

Leslie does everything she can to perplex Everard — who erroneously believes her to be married — and in the morning when he attends Court, she goes along only to hear him being disparaging about women. Angry and incredulous, she sees an opportunity to get back at him when Lord Mere (Ralph Richardson) asks Everard to handle his divorce from Lady Mere (Binnie Barnes) whom he believes spent the night with a man at The Park Hotel after the Costume Ball.

Leslie had refused to give Everard her name and he dubbed her 'Lady X', and he mistakenly assumes that the woman he has now fallen in love with is Lord Mere's errant wife — a mistake that leads to some hilarious antics, especially when Leslie ropes in Lady Mere herself.

But will Leslie's ruse backfire on her? And will Leslie be able to persuade Everard that her deception was nothing more than a harmless jape? The Divorce Of Lady X is a funny, deliciously moral tale of the times. The excellent lead actors play light-heartedly and the dialogue comes fast and easy. Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier and Ralph Richardson excel in this late-Thirties Technicolour feature adapted by Lajos Biro from the stage play title Counsel's Opinion.

The Divorce Of Lady X also features: Morton Selton as Lord Steele; J H Roberts as Slade; Gertrude Musgrove as Saunders; Gus McNaughton as The Waiter; H B Hall as Jefferies and Eileen Peal as Mrs Johnson. Adaptation by Lajos Bird; Scenario and Dialogue by Ian Dalrymple and Arthur Wimperis; Directed by Tim Whelan; Based on the story Counsel's Opinion by Gilbert Wakefield; Originally Presented By Arrangement with Leslie Henson and Firth Shepherd; special Effects Directed by Ned Mann; Costume Designer is Rene Hubert; Musical Director is Muir Matheson and Musical Score is by Miklos Rozsa. The film was made at the London Film Production Studios at Denham, England.

Network Releasing is delighted to announce the DVD release of the light-hearted comedy, The Divorce of Lady X. Available from all good retailers on 5 April (2010). Certificate: U | Available from Network Releasing | RRP: 12.99 | Total Running Time: 88 Minutes | Catalogue number: 7953138.

"The Divorce Of Lady X is a funny, deliciously moral tale of the times" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar