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Dixon Of Dock Green
Dixon Of Dock Green“The enthralling BBC television police
  drama Dixon Of Dock Green was a
  much-loved television favourite that
ran from 1955 to 1976 and as such is
  a worthy tribute to bygone policing;
  demonstrated by main character
  Sergeant Dixon’s firm-but-fair policies
  — and this nostalgic series is now
  available on DVD

A FORERUNNER OF SUCH NOTABLE television police dramas as Z Cars, Softly Softly, The Thin Blue Line and the much-lamented The Bill, Dixon Of Dock Green was an enormously successful series and, as one of the longest-running police series on television, was a highlight of the television week for twenty-one years.

ith exceptionally high viewing figures, Dixon Of Dock Green was voted the second most popular programme on British television at the time of showing and the programme is now making its debut on DVD.

With colourful
characters, suspenseful
storylines and the kindly,
warm-hearted George
Dixon, this brilliant
television series is still
relevant today as a
fascinating period police
Starring the charismatic and inimitable Jack Warner (Carve Her Name With Pride; A Christmas Carol) as Sergeant George Dixon, the series was filmed on set and on location around the fast-disappearing dockland community of London's East End and features a host of interesting and colourful characters.

Sergeant Dixon is likeable and friendly. Opening each episode with his welcoming "Evening all" and his words of wisdom, he is the kind of policeman you could feel comfortable enough with to invite in for a cuppa and a chat — even if you have just robbed a bank.

Both the Police and criminals were very different back then. As with the constabulary today, the Dock Green Police have diverse and difficult cases to deal with in these first available colour episodes. In the episode Wasteland, an abandoned Morris Minor Panda Car (remember those?) begins an investigation into the disappearance of a policeman who had been savagely attacked by a criminal while working with Kent Police.

After his recovery, he joined the Metropolitan Police; but why did he choose to work at Dock Green? Did he have a secret assignation on the night of his disappearance and does it have anything to do with the attack on him in Kent?

Jig-Saw sees the investigation of a woman who has disappeared in an area where there had been three previous attacks on lone women along the towpath and the suspicion falls on a local night-watchman who may be responsible for the assaults. A female detective volunteers to help trap the assailant, but will it be in time to find the missing woman safe and well?

In Eye Witness, Anne Hastings (Gwyneth Powell) is a witness to a gangland killing. Although the perpetrators are unaware of her presence, it is not long before word is out on the street that there has been a witness and Anne is in danger.

Against her will she is escorted to a remote hotel by George and a female detective, but she is desperate to get back to London in spite of the threat to her life. A well-connected gangland boss is set on having Anne tracked down and when she makes a foolish mistake she brings the threat right to her door.

Among the derelict areas and abandoned warehouses of London's East End, criminals thrive. In the three further episodes a charming crook with friends in the right places gives the Dock Green police a run for their money; the hidden world of marital abuse is brought out in the open and a police shooting of an unarmed criminal gives George Dixon cause for concern.

These are the days of old-style policing with polite-but-strong policemen; where the teenaged must-have is a transistor radio. Women wore pink housecoats and those who were lucky enough to have cars drove the now-classic Jaguars, Rovers, Triumph Spitfires and Vitesse Convertibles.

In our modern world of DNA and CCTV much has changed and technology has come a long way, so enjoy a slice of history as Dixon Of Dock Green takes you back to the days of the traditional bobby on the beat. No mobile phones here, then.

With colourful characters, suspenseful storylines and the kindly, warm-hearted George Dixon, this brilliant television series is still relevant today as a fascinating period police drama. Many respected actors appeared in Dixon Of Dock Green, including Michael Caine, Windsor Davies, Liz Frazer, Cardew Robinson, Alan Lake, Yootha Joyce, Melvin Hayes, Billl Kenwright, Tom Baker and Patrick Mower.

Dixon Of Dock Green also features: Peter Byrne (Television's Blakes 7; Holby City) as Detective Sgt Andy Crawford; Scott Fredericks as P C Forbes; Arnold Peters as Chief Superintendent Bannister; Geoffrey Adams as Detective Constable Lauderdale; James Grant as Chief Inspector Prescott; Michael Osborne as P C Newton; Glynn Edwards as Chief Inspector Jameson; Nicholas Donnelly as Sgt Wills; Angela Ginders as WPS Garrard; Joe Santo as Plain Clothes Detective; Kenneth Watson as Detective Chief Inspector Scott.

Also appearing are: Diana Scougall as Jane; Margaret John as Mrs Norman; Frank Mills as Milkman; Karin MacCarthy as Ruth Perry; Anna Karen (On The Buses) as A Housewife; Victor Maddern as Forbes; Charles Houston as Colin Warren; Windsor Davies as Morris; Kay Humblestone and Nicholas Wright as Children; David Rose as Chirs Bowie; Stephen Greif as Tony; Steve Plytas as Mr colly; Gordon Bilbae as Paul; Sidney Kean as Albert; Andrew Lodge as John Pierce; Chubby Oates as Terry (Snout); Richard Reeves as Billy; Robert Tayman as Peter; John Salthouse as Cliff.

Series Created by Ted Willis; Writers include Eric Paice and Derek Ingrey; Signature Tune Composed by Jeff Darnell; Produced and Directed by Joe Waters.

Acorn Media is delighted to announce the release of the much loved police drama Dixon Of Dock Green on DVD on 16 July 2012. RRP: 19.99 | Catalogue Number: AV3034 | Running Time: 284 Minutes Approx on 2 discs.

Special Features: Cast Filmographies | Picture Gallery.

"Dixon Of Dock Green With colourful characters, suspenseful storylines and the kindly, warm-hearted George Dixon, this brilliant television series is still relevant today as a fascinating period police drama" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

Special Interest Note: the Eye Witness episode (written by Derek Ingrey) was filmed at the delightful Art Deco Burgh Island Hotel, just off the Devon coast at Bigbury-on-Sea, serviced by a sea tractor that was designed in 1969 by Robert Jackson, CBE, in exchange for a case of champagne.

Understatement of the Series, referring to the London Docks: "In a few years time it will be a housing estate, I suppose".