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Django: Prepare A Coffin
Django: Prepare A Coffin Django: Prepare A Coffin is a fine
  spaghetti western about a gunslinger
  out to avenge himself on the man
  responsible for the death of his wife;
  a corrupt politician who is now framing
  local landowners and having them
  sentenced to death so he can steal
  their property..

AS FAR AS B-MOVIES GO, Django: Prepare A Coffin is a cut above the run-of-the-mill spaghetti westerns on general release back in the Sixties — this particular film went on general release in 1968. For a start, the wandering gunslinger Django is played by the striking and talented Italian actor Terence Hill (They Call Me Trinity; Television's Doc West).

Django is taking a shipment of gold from the Hampton Mines to the Federal Depository near Atlanta and his wife Lucy (Angela Minervini) is accompanying him. But they are attacked by bandits on the way and Lucy is killed.

With plenty of bullets flying, Django: Prepare A Coffin follows great western traditions as, five years later, the brutal and self-serving politician David Barry (Horst Frank) who was responsible for Lucy's death, aided by his hired gun and partner Lucas (George Eastman) take over the territory by terrorising and framing innocent local landowners, who are then sentenced to be hung.

Prepare A Coffin —
long lost and
previously unavailable
sequel to
Sergio Corbucci’s 1966
Spaghetti Western
classic Django,
and benefits from the
wonderful Terence Hill
in the title role
Django comes in as the executioner, but his plan is to cleverly fake the hangings and to prepare the men he saves to fight Barry and Lucas, thereby settling his account with them.

Appointing the Mexican Garcia (José Torres) as his right-hand man, Django then finds himself betrayed while saving Garcia's wife Mercedes (Barbara Simon) from the gallows. The lure of a gold consignment on its way to Santa Fe is stronger than the men's loyalty to their saviour.

When Django falls into Lucas's hands and is badly beaten up, he cannot rely on anyone coming to his rescue. It seems that all is lost. Only a miracle can save Django so that he can take Barry and Lucas to the Governor and make them confess. In this classic from a series of B-movie Westerns that helped to define a genre, the gunslinger finally gets his bloody revenge.

Originally known upon its Italian release as Preparati la bara!, Ferdinando Baldi's well paced and very enjoyable Django: Prepare A Coffin is the long lost and previously unavailable sequel to Sergio Corbucci's 1966 Spaghetti Western classic Django and benefits from the wonderful Terence Hill in the title role.

Shortly before the release of Django: Prepare A Coffin, another instalment in the series will go on general release Quentin Tarantino's highly-anticipated Django Unchained. According to the Spaghetti Western Data Base, Tarantino placed Django: Prepare A Coffin at number 19 in his top 20 Spaghetti Western films of all time while the original Django is at number 3.

The main musical theme in Django: Prepare A Coffin, a slow, mournful lament featuring a plodding bassline and souring trumpet, was sampled by Gnarls Barkley on the band's Grammy-winning global smash hit single Crazy.

Django: Prepare A Coffin also features: Pinuccio Ardia as Orazio; Lee Burton as Guido Llollobrigida; Gianni Brezza as Alvarez; Ivan Scratuglia, CSC, as Pat O'Connor; Roberto Simmi as Wallace; and Franco Bfalducci as The Sheriff.

Original Music is by Gianfranco Reverberi; Cinematography by Enzo Barboni; Writers are Ferdinando Baldi, who also Directed, and Franco Rossetti.

* Django: Prepare A Coffin is released for the first time in the UK on DVD, courtesy of Arrow Video, on 14 January 2013. Catalogue Number: FCD763 | DVD RRP: £12.99.

The Django: Prepare A Coffin UK DVD release comes complete with an original trailer, reversible sleeve artwork and a collector's booklet by Spaghetti Western expert Howard Hughes.

"Django: Prepare a Coffin… well paced and very enjoyable… benefits from the wonderful Terence Hill in the title role" Maggie Woods, MotorBar