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Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Best of Series 3

Dog The Bounty HunterIf you are a criminal fleeing from justice
  you can run and you can hide — but the
  odds are against you if Dog The Bounty
is hot on your heels...

BILLED AS THE WORLD'S GREATEST BOUNTY HUNTER, Duane "Dog" Chapman did time in a Texas prison and knows exactly what it is like to be on the wrong side of the law. With his charismatic personality and Christian values he metes out justice to America's Most Wanted. And he's back with Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Best of Series 3, which is out now to buy on DVD courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The Da Kine Bail Bond company is a family business. With Dog is wife Beth, sons Duane Lee and Leland and brother — Tim all following in the family tradition. And season 3 sees the introduction of daughter "Baby" Lyssa — who is now of age to become a bail bondsman but doesn't think it's much fun, can't wear what she wants and gets scared…

One of the better reality shows because of the down-to-earth, positive and upbeat, moralistic, sympathetic and larger-than-life characters who make up the 'show', Dog The Bounty Hunter is best described as "Hawaii Five-O with Mace" and is benignly addictive. Armed with little more than their incapacitating sprays, the bounty hunters always get their man — or woman.

Take 53-year-old Steven Yoshinaka, for instance. He has a list of restraining orders (TROs) as long as your arm for assaulting women. But he has never been jailed and has now failed to appear (FTA) for sentencing. Dog tracks him down — the bounty hunter hates men who hit women and sees it as 'personal' — and puts him where he belongs.

Alongside this manhunt is Beth's determination to help with the campaign against violence by taking part in the 5K Run Against Domestic Violence and, by her own admission, she is "out of shape". Dog has a surprise up his sleeve — he has bought a trophy to present to her as long as she passes the finishing line.

Often, as in the case of Raymond Mederios, the problems are caused by drugs. Raymond doesn't seem a bad sort of guy and Dog always looks for the good in people — he even made up a Christmas Carol about Raymond.

The hard-boiled ex-con turned bounty hunter has getting on for 7,000 successful captures under his belt — and still counting. He always makes them admit who they are and he always wins: "Sometimes they go down laughing; sometimes they go down crying but I guarantee they all go down."

Sometimes the bounty hunters' work isn't so easy. Like the time the person they were looking for was Melissa, who had been the Chapman family's temporary housekeeper for a while before she moved out and started taking drugs. She had apparently stolen a car and the judge had agreed she could go to rehab but she disappeared — until Dog caught up with her.

Obviously there are dangerous aspects to their work. Wayne Terlep had nine warrants for arrest for secondary assault (with a weapon) and abuse. He was continually arrested and let go and never went to court. As dog says "It's payday." Unfortunately, sometimes even the smallest crime — such as a young girl forging a cheque from her aunt — can be the beginning of a downward spiral. And Dog will try to help them. Because there is nothing he likes better than to see criminals reformed; and those that won't play ball put behind bars.

The Chapmans always start their working day with a prayer to keep them safe and to get their guy. Not everyone who appears to be helping them is on the level and Dog works by instinct, which rarely lets him down. His ten favourite episodes from the fast and furious, highly-rated Series 3 are shown on the DVD and you can follow Dog and his crime-busting team as they scour the land for bail jumpers, escaped criminals and outlaws.

Not everything runs smoothly in these high-stakes games of real-life hide-and-seek as Dog contends with informants who deliberately mislead him, impossible stake-outs and quarry who almost manage to slip through his fingers. But it's all in a day's work for the scourge of bail jumpers and the toughest law enforcer on television. In Dog's own words: 'You can run, but Dog'll get you!' And this is one dog you definitely don't want to mess with.

We also see the human side of the bounty hunters — Dog with his family at Christmas; Tim and his wife Davina as they welcome a new addition to their family; and Dog giving a talk at PBUS (The Professional Bail Bond Association of the United States).

Primarily filmed on Oahu, Hawaii, Dog The Bounty Hunter also follows the family on a visit to their home town of Denver, Colorado — the Mile-High City. Dog's friend Red Widhelm runs Red's Anytime Bail Bonds there (with the help of Forfiture, the cat!) and they've been friends for over forty years.

Dog The Bounty Hunter continues to attract a large following to the show. Executive Producers are Daniel Ellas and David Houts; Co-exec producer is Boris Krutonog; Series Producer is Rick Smigletski and Director/Camera is Jayson Haedrich. The dramatic song Crooks, is performed by Pleasure Club from the album The Fugitive Kind and music is by Music Box. The theme music was written by J Osbourne, Mark Hudson and Steve Dudas.

Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Best of Season 3 is now available (released 4 August, 2008) at a RRP of £19.99 for the two-disc DVD. For the record, the review discs of Dog The Bounty Hunter proved a big hit here at MotorBar with the entire staff watching them from beginning to end. Great entertainment — reality TV at it's best!

"One of the better reality shows because of the down-to-earth, positive and upbeat, moralistic, sympathetic and larger-than-life characters who make up the show, Dog The Bounty Hunter is best described as "Hawaii Five-O with Mace" and is benignly addictive" — MotorBar