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DorianGiven the opportunity to find fame and
  fortune as a world class supermodel,
  an attractive young photographer’s
  assistant gives in to temptation, careless
  of the horrific price he is going have to
  pay in Dorian

DETERMINED TO FULFIL HIS AMBITION to be a top photographer, Louis (Ethan Erickson) is working as an assistant in 1980's New York for the respected Bae (Jennifer Nitsch), who has made a name for herself shooting top brand advertisements.

Bae's manager Henry Wooten (cult favourite Malcolm McDowell: A Clockwork Orange) spots Louis and photographs him when he calls to see Bae, whom he discovered and with whom he seems to have a very special relationship

A New York socialite and manager to the stars, Henry's influence over the beautiful youth with a simple dream is all-encompassing and Louis finds his life is completely out of his control, with the unthinkable happening to those he loves.

Manipulated by Henry, who is watching his every move, Louis becomes obsessed with fame, fortune and eternal youth; thereby sacrificing his soul to his desires.

Oscar Wilde's classic tale of narcissism and hedonistic indulgence, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is updated to late Twentieth Century/early Twenty-First Century Manhattan, where the sinister and callous Henry convinces Louis that he is the 'Face of Tomorrow' and that he should live for today. "Beauty is a form of genius," says Henry. "It makes princes of those that possess it."

Louis, a natural in front of the camera, loves to be photographed. Henry tells him the story of Dorian Gray. "Age makes me rather sad," he tells Louis. "When you get old, you'll curse Bae every time you look at her photographs. Of course, you could always turn the tables on it like Dorian Gray…" He gives Louis a new name: Dorian.

Louis has been captured within a framed picture and Dorian, a self indulgent, self destructive, forever gorgeous supermodel, emerges. Henry drives a wedge between Louis and his fiancée, actress and former drug addict Sybil (Amy Sloan), buys him a new apartment in Manhattan and arranges for his seduction by Trina (Bonwen Booth), who gets him hooked on hard drugs.

By the autumn of 1990, Dorian is growing increasingly more paranoid as he becomes ever more depraved. Out partying every night and heavily into drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll, Dorian is still beautiful. But the photograph's increasingly-grotesque disfigurement reflects the unconscionable acts born of Dorian.

Henry arranges a six-figure book deal for Dorian with publisher Dinah Baxter (Ellen David); but Bae warns Louis that Henry is not all he seems. Henry introduces Dorian to Mariella Steiner (Victoria Sanchez) and her wealthy husband Rolf (Chrisoph Waltz), but his decision to go back to Germany with them has dire consequences.

Is there a way back for Louis? Trapped inside Dorian's flawless body, he wants out. But in a pact with the devil, there may be no escape…

Beginning with very quirky, interesting and evocative music accompanied by fast-moving traffic through the bright lights of New York, Dorian is a well constructed, suitably chilling retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray. The film bears the acknowledgement: In memory of sound designer Glenn Tussmann (1967 to 2002).

Dorian also features: Ron Lea as Detective Giatti; Karen Cliche as Christine; Carl Alacchi as James; Henri Pardo as Cop at Crime Scene; and Daniela Ferrera and Jane McLean as girls in Dorian's apartment.

Music Score is by Larry Cohen; Director of Photography is Eric Moynier; Producer UK is Harry Alan Towers; Co Producer UK is Maria Rohm; Screenplay is by Ron Raley and Peter Jobin; Producers are: Luciano Lisi, Christine Kavanagh and Charmaine Carvalho; Produced and Directed by Allan A Goldstein.

Allan Goldstein directs cult favourite Malcolm McDowell in the ultimate psychodrama, Dorian — available on DVD courtesy of Network Releasing on 3 October 2011. Certificate: 15 | RRP: £12.99.

"Dorian is a well constructed, suitably chilling retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar