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Double Identity

Double Identity“While in Eastern Europe for a summit,
  an American physician finds himself in
  the wrong place at the wrong time when
  he helps a young woman and becomes
  embroiled in the dangerous world of
  secret agents in the outstanding action
  film Double Identity...

WHILE WORKING IN EASTERN EUROPE for Doctors Beyond Borders, American physician Nick Pinter (the terrific Val Kilmer: Heat; Top Gun; Batman Forever; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) aids a beautiful young woman and is pitched headlong into a deadly world of death and betrayal.

Having crossed a road block in order to deliver a baby for Aslan (Velislav Pavlov) and his wife (Shelly Varod) Nick has come to the attention of Serik Douluva (Hristo Shopov), a powerful and well-connected member of the Kargyk mafia who believes Nick is the mysterious British secret agent John Charter.

After a violent pursuit by mobsters, Nick is detained and faces a terrifying inquisition about being an English spy. His protestations of being American and a doctor are dismissed and it seems that nobody is prepared to believe him. His life hangs by a thread and he can do absolutely nothing about it. The mobsters drive him to a secluded spot and he will have to think and act quickly if he is to escape with his life.

A neat trick with a watch and a half-dug grave get Nick out of immediate danger, but even the American Embassy proves to be unsafe. He is being watched and has no idea whether it is by friend or foe. He boards the train to Prague but there is danger at every turn and he is now on the run and wanted for the murder of his friend Paolo Ivanoff (Daniel Perrone), the Director of Doctors Beyond Borders.

The young woman he helped, Katrine (Izabella Miko: Clash Of The Titans; Coyote Ugly), turns out to be working for the British Secret Service and her mission is to get close to Serik — a task she excels at. She introduces Nick to other English agents Murdoch (Valentine Pelka), Eva (Dana Flynn), Sterling (Julian Wadham: The English Patient; The Exorcist: The Beginning) and Tomas (Viktor Kalov), but she warns the doctor that not everyone is what they seem.

Unsure of whom he can trust, Nick has no alternative other than to put his life in the hands of Katrine, who has a habit of turning up right on cue to rescue him. But there is something going on involving the ministers of the newly-formed Republic of Kargykistan, a mineral-rich piece of the planet, and Nick will have to use all his resourcefulness in order to find somebody to believe in him and to stay alive.

With desperate car chases and skin-of-the-teeth escapes, Double Identity is a high-tension thriller that keeps you guessing to the very end. An excellent, clever film and a great vehicle for the superb Val Kilmer.

The film also features: Michael Cronin as Allen Jacob; Valentin Ganey as Ludvik; Rushen Vidiniev as Agent Finney; Zachary Baharov as Alexander; Harry Anichkin as Vadim Abilov, Interior Minister; and Kiril Efremon as Aslan's Rebel Brother-in-Law. The group of singers are The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices.

Director of Photography is Lorenzo Senatore; Music is by Bill Wandel. Executive Producers are: Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbort, Trevor Short and Boaz Davidson; Produced by Zvia Dimbort and Dennis Dimster-Denk; Written and Directed by Dennis Dimster-Denk and Zvia Dimbort.

The deadly game begins in the taut thriller Double Identity, out on DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment on 16 May 2011. Running Time: 100 Minutes Approximately | Certificate: 15 | RRP: 9.99.

"Double Identity is a high-tension thriller that keeps you guessing. An excellent, clever film and a great vehicle for the superb Val Kilmer" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar