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Dragon Eyes
Dragon Eyes“The run-down neighbourhood of St
  Jude’s Square is a place where drug
  gangs clash, ignored by corrupt Police;
  and where the honest citizens who live
  there are waiting for a hero to clean up
  the streets in the rough, tough and well-
  paced Dragon Eyes..

A MYSTERIOUS ORIENTAL recently released from prison, Hong (finely played by Cung Le, who is also an Associate Producer: Fighting; Tekken; Pandorum) appears in St Jude's Square, a neighbourhood where the locals live in constant fear of violent drug gangs who bribe corrupt police. He rents an apartment from George (Danny Mora) and his granddaughter Rosanne (Crystal Manticon) and it seems he is prepared to stand and fight.

Ready to take on anyone looking for trouble, Hong gives the people hope, drawing on the unparalleled martial arts skills and the teachings of his former cellmate Tiano (Jean-Claude Van Damme: Universal Soldier; Timecop). But he has a dark past and is haunted by a dreadful secret.

Hong strings along the notorious corrupt Police Chief Victor Swann, known as Mr V (a wonderful Peter Weller: Robocop; 24; upcoming Star Trek 2013), leading him to believe that he is co-operating with him. As Hong begins his savage campaign for justice, he single-handedly takes on the brutal gangs and cleverly removes drug money from under the noses of rival gangs, setting them at each other's throats.

When he empties Mr V's safe of his ill-gotten gains, the Police Chief at first believes it was Sgt Feldman (Kristopher Van Varenberg), before realising that Hong is not going to do the things he has asked. Hong is given a vicious beating by the corrupt police, leaving him gravely injured.

Hong searches deep within himself for the power to overcome the odds. While he was in prison, Tiano had told Hong he has the 'dragon eyes' (the spirit of the great masters) but that he has strayed from his path. Will Tiano's faith in Hong be realised and will Hong have the strength and courage to see everything through to the bitter end?

The ever-dependable Jean-Claude Van Damme works well with the laid-back Cung Le, keeping the action going through a well-paced and highly watchable movie. A fine cast and a tightly-spun story.

Dragon Eyes is a superb, hard-hitting and astonishing crime thriller with fantastic mixed martial arts and a heavy-handed barrage of bare-knuckle street fighting. There are, happily, some lighter moments — and look out for UFC stars Dan Henderson, Trevor Prangley as Lord and Gilbert El Ni Ño Melendez as Trey.

The film also features: Johnny Holmes as Big Jake; David Ali as Theo; Sam Medina as Biggie; Adrian Hammond as B; Danny Cosmo as Junkie; Arielle Zimmerman as Young Woman; Luis Da Silva Jr as Dash; Arturo Palacios as Jonesy; Edrick Browne as Antoine; Jason Mitchell as J Dog; Travis Johnson as Mikey; Scott Shelley as Yuri; Craig Walker as Sgt Howe; and Sari Cummings as Honey Darling.

Music is by Michael Krassner; Director of Photography is Stephen Schweber; Executive Producers are: Steven A Frankel, Stephanie Caleb and Courtney Solomon; Producer is Moshe Dramant; Written by Tim Tori; Produced by legendary action producer Joel Silver (Sherlock Holmes; Lethal Weapon; Die Hard); and Directed by John Hyams (Universal Soldier: Regeneration).

The battle for the street begins as Dragon Eyes is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 2 April 2012. Running Time: 88 Minutes | Certificate: 18 | RRP: £15.99 (DVD); £19.99 (Blu-ray) | Catalogue Number: G2P046 (DVD); G2PB046 (Blu-ray) | Extras: G2 Pictures Action Trailer Reel.

"Dragon Eyes is a superb, hard-hitting and astonishing crime thriller with fantastic mixed martial arts" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar