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Dragon Wars

Dragon WarsEveryone believes that the time of
  dragons has passed. But the time
  of dragons has only just begun...
  Every 500 years a young woman is
born who possesses a spirit power
  that can turn a serpent into the
  mightiest dragon of all. A good serpent
  will use this mighty power to protect
  the universe. An evil serpent will use it
  to destroy the world. Now is the time
  for the spirit to be awakened. Now is
the time for destiny to unfold...

AN UPDATE OF AN ANCIENT KOREAN LEGEND, Dragon Wars is a stunning and dramatic film that has the lot — romance, mysticism, period scenes, adventure, thrills, magical music and terrific special effects.

While investigating a series of natural disasters, television reporter Ethan Kendrick (Jason Behr:television's Roswell, The Grudge) makes an amazing discovery: Mythical creatures are real, and posing a threat to modern day Los Angeles. Half-buried in the ground is what looks like an animal's scales and a Native American (Eloy Casados) accuses: "They have awakened them!"

But this is not the first time that strange things have happened to Ethan. Fifteen years earlier, while in Jack's Antiques with his father, an ancient box opens in front of Ethan and emits a beautiful glow, behind which he sees the large scales of a creature.

Jack (Robert Forster) sends Ethan's father on an errand before he tells the boy that the scales are from an Imoogi — a serpent of Korean legend that, as a reward for its good deeds, is transformed into a celestial dragon. He tells Ethan a story:

In Korea, in 1507, Narin is born. Master Bochun (Jihwan Min) tells her father that when she reaches the age of 20 she will be sacrificed because she was born with the Yuh Yi Joo that Heaven intended for the Good Imoogi. But at the age of 19, Narin (Hyojin Ban) is in love with Haram (Jin Hyun) and the Dark Imoogi has already begun to seek the Yuh Yi Joo — if he finds it, a terrible disaster will befall the village. Soon the forces of the Dark Imoogi are besieging the city and Bochun gives Haram a pendant to protect him...

Jack gives Ethan the very same pendant and tells him that he was Master Bochun from 500 years ago, and that Ethan was Haram…

Back in modern-day Los Angeles, it is now up to the grown up Ethan to find Narin and save her and Los Angeles from the evil that will soon be dropping in on them — but meanwhile, a young woman named Sarah (Amanda Brooks) is behaving strangely and is becoming obsessed with ancient symbols.

What will happen when the 500-year-old army arises from the dust and — complete with giant serpents, dragons and other mythical creatures — attacks Los Angeles in modern-day America? How does the present day Sarah link to Narin of five centuries ago? Will Ethan get to Narin, save the world and save the girl? He is racing against time and the danger is drawing ever closer…

Dragon Wars was Written and Directed by Hyung Rae Shim and has magical music by Steve Jablonsky. The Director of Photography was Hubert Taczanowski and the wonderful visual effects were designed and created by Younggu Art Studios. The film also features Chris Mulkey as Agent Frank Pinsky, Aimee Garcia as Brandy, John Ales as Agent Judah Campbell and Jongman Lee as the evil Lord Tun.

With staggering special effects and a cast of familiar faces that includes Robert Forster (Charlie's Angels, Full Throttle, Jackie Brown), Dragon Wars is a thrilling, action-packed fantasy adventure that will keep you riveted.

Dragon Wars is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray (and to rent on DVD) from 19 May (2008), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. DVD RRP: £19.99.

"An update of an ancient Korean legend, Dragon Wars is a stunning and dramatic film that has the lot — romance, mysticism, period scenes, adventure, thrills, magical music and terrific special effects" — MotorBar