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DriftwoodHaunted by the death of his rock star
  brother from a drug overdose, a grieving
  teenager finds himself at Driftwood, an
  ‘attitude adjustment
centre for troubled
  youths — where he is visited by the
  disturbed ghost of a missing boy

WORRIED BY THEIR TEENAGED SON'S apparent obsession with the death of his older brother Dean (Russell Sams), Rich (Mark McClure: Superman series) and Nancy Forrester (Lin Shaye: Snakes On A Plane) agree to send David (Raviv 'Ricky' Ullman: Phil Of The Future, Prom Wars) to Driftwood, a US juvenile detention centre where he will stay until he is eighteen. His misguided parents believe he is obsessed with death and darkness and fear he may harm himself.

Set in the dark and desperate confines of an institution, Driftwood is a superb ghost story that explores the psychology of and the relationship between the young men cut off from the outside world, enduring cruelty and injustice as they try to come to terms with the often brutal regime.

Already traumatised, withdrawn and guilt-ridden, 16-year-old David is haunted by Dean's ghost. But at Driftwood he is spookily contacted by the shadowy figure of Jonathan (Connor Ross: Palo Alto) — a former inmate of the prison-like attitude adjustment camp, who disappeared under suspicious circumstances and who wants David to uncover the dreadful secret surrounding his death so that he can be laid to rest.

Run by the sadistic, self-serving Captain Doug Kennedy (former WCW and WWF champion wrestler Diamond Dallas Page), Driftwood isn't all it seems to be and David doesn't fit in, antagonising the obsessive Kennedy, homophobic Psychology tutor Quails (John Walcutt) and the vicious Yates (Talan Torriero: Laguna Beach), who runs Level One, where David is billeted.

Only Dr John Roberts (Lou Beatty Jr) has any concern for the boys or the terrible injustice that has taken place. But even he has no explanation for the 'double exposure' on the photograph of David — which clearly shows another face looking over his shoulder.

Among the other youngsters in David's dormitory is Noah (Jeremy Lelliott) who has a secret of his own, the streetwise Darryl (Cory Hardrict) and the crazy KC (David Skyler). Completing the up-and-coming twenty-something pin-ups is David Eigenberg (Sex And The City) as Norris. Driftwood also features Shahine Ezell as Cobey and Frankie Levangie as the cold-hearted Boyle. The acting is first class.

As David tries to uncover the murder mystery surrounding Driftwood, he places his life in danger — but the amoral Kennedy has not reckoned on David receiving help from beyond the grave. What he discovers is even more frightening that it at first appears. And it is beginning to look as if helping Jonathan is the only way he is going to get out of Driftwood before his eighteenth birthday.

What is the truth behind Jonathan's disappearance and why is Driftwood so important to Kennedy — and is his daughter Myra (Baelyn Neff) really as innocent as she seems? How does Mrs Sherman (Kim Morgan Green) fit in? And will David finally lay his ghosts to rest and escape from Driftwood unscathed?

This excellent film from Tim Sullivan — director of the cult horror-comedy 2001 Maniacs — is a contemporary, unpredictable and atmospheric ghost story wrapped up in a murder mystery against a cruel and unremitting background. Recalling Guillermo del Toro's The Devil's Backbone, Driftwood effectively communicates the real-life horrors of bullying, homophobia and exclusion experienced by many young people who have spent time in US juvenile detention centres.

Driftwood is written by Chris Kobin and Tim Sullivan; Produced by Mike Richardson, Bob Engelman, Barry Levine, Chris Kobin and Bud Smith; Music Supervisor is Jonathan McHugh; Music is Composed and Conducted by William Ross; Director of Photography is Steve Adcock; Special Make-Up Effects Designed and Created by Vincent Guastini; Director is Tim Sullivan.

Driftwood is released on 30 March (2009), courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment. Certificate: 15 (contains some language that may be offensive).

Special Features include: Audio Commentary by Director Tim Sullivan and Producer Chris Kobin | Audio Commentary by Director Tim Sullivan, Producer Chris Kobin and Actor Diamond Dallas Page | Photo Gallery | Bloopers | Deleted and Extended Scenes | Audition Reel | Alternate Ending | Doing Time On The Set of Driftwood Featurette | Through The Gauntlet: Inside The Walls Of Driftwood Featurette | Trailer.

"Driftwood is a superb ghost story that explores the psychology of and the relationship between the young men cut off from the outside world, enduring cruelty and injustice as they try to come to terms with the often brutal regime" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar