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Drillbit Taylor

Drillbit Taylor“How do you scare the pants off
  school bullies? Easy: All you have to
  do is hire bodyguard Drillbit Taylor.
  Problem solved! Or is it...?

THIS IS A BRILLIANT AND VERY FUNNY FILM from the team that brought you Superbad and Knocked Up. Produced by the Emmy-award nominated Judd Apatow, Drillbit Taylor is a kid-friendly comedy about three misfits who, having just started at McKinley High School, are being bullied by older boys Terry Fulkins (Alex Frost) and his friend Ronnie (Josh Peck).

When their complaint to Principal Doppler (Stephen Root) falls on deaf ears, the socially-challenged trio — overweight Ryan (Troy Gentile: Nacho Libre), freakishly skinny Wade (Nate Hartley: The Great Buck Howard) and Emmit (David Dorfman: The Ring), who is vertically-challenged (in other words, short!) — decide to take matters into their own hands by advertising for a bodyguard. And things become even more complicated for Wade when he falls for pretty fellow student Brooke (delightfully played by Valerie Tian) and is desperate to make a good impression.

Bob "Drillbit" Taylor (multi-talented, Oscar-nominated actor Owen Wilson: Zoolander, Wedding Crashers) is a down-and-out who keeps dubious company and who begs money by pretending that he is on his way to Disneyland with his children and his car has broken down. But he wants to improve his luck by getting to "the great white North" and joins the long line of weird, scary, psychotic and oddball characters that apply to be the boys' private minder.

Drillbit impresses them with dramatised tales of his army days. "I was discharged," he tells the boys, "for unauthorised heroism." He claims to have been a bodyguard to three US presidents and stars such as Sylvester Stallone. "These eyes," he assures them, "have seen things you wouldn't believe."

Having agreed to accept a mere seven dollars a week, Drillbit rapidly sets to work putting the boys through their paces at a stylised 'boot camp'. "Do you know what this is?" he asks them, pointing under his raised arm. "It's a wing — and you're under it." However, he is soon distracted by the desirable nymphomaniac English teacher Lisa (the wonderfully over-the-top Leslie Mann, Knocked Up), who believes he is a fellow teacher and can't believe her luck as she is normally attracted to losers!

However, nothing good lasts forever. At some stage, the boys are going to have to go it alone. Not only that, Drillbit runs the risk of being rumbled and his homeless friends have an eye to the main chance…

Directed by Steven Brill (an apt name!), Drillbit Taylor also features: Danny McBride as Don; Lisa Ann Walter as Dolores; Beth Littleford as Barbara; Lisa Lampanelli as Ronnie's mom; Andrew Caldwell as Fulkins' buddy; Cedric Yarbrough as Bernie; Robert Musgrave as Stump; Adam Baldwin as the disgruntled bodyguard; Chuck Liddell as Himself; Robert "Bonecrusher" Mukes as another bodyguard; Hynden Walch as Emmit's mom: Ian Roberts as Wade's stepfather and Jim and Casey and Dylan Boersma as his stepbrothers Chuck and Nick. The Music is by Christopher Beck and the story is by Edmond Dantes, Kristofor Brown and Seth Rogen. The Screenplay is by Kristofor Brown and Seth Rogen.

Drillbit Taylor will keep the laughter flowing with crazy antics and Owen Wilson's outstanding performance. Watch out for: Billy O'Neill as Dean; Jordan Valley as the cute girl kissed by Ryan on the stairs, Ryan's great rapping, Steve Bannos as the Coffee computer guy and solidarity in red shirts!

Drillbit Taylor — from Paramount Home Entertainment — is available to buy on DVD from 21 July (2008). RRP: £19.99 | Cert 12 (UK & Eire) | Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound | Running Time: 97 Minutes.

Special Features

Commentary by Steven Brill, Kristofer Brown, Troy Gentile, Nate Hartley, David Dorfman | Deleted and Extended Scenes | Line-O-Rama | Gag Reel | The Writers Get A Chance To Talk: Kristofer Brown and Seth Rogen.

"Drillbit Taylor will keep the laughter flowing with crazy antics and Owen Wilson's outstanding performance" — MotorBar