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Due Date

Due Date“The sometimes-irritating and yet
  crazily funny Due Date explores how
  taking a long trip when your wife is
  pregnant and about to give birth to
  your dream child can turn into your
  worst nightmare...

DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY BUT ON-THE-EDGE father-to-be Peter Higham (Oscar nominee Robert Downey Jr: Sherlock Holmes; Iron Man) thinks he has thought of everything when he takes a return air ticket to a business appointment in Atlanta.

Little does he know that the happy event he has been looking forward to is going to be fraught with frustration, serious difficulties and even danger. And it all comes in the guise of a big bear of a man called Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis: Dinner For Schmucks; The Hangover), an aspiring actor on his way to Hollywood and who seems to court trouble wherever he goes.

Peter bumps into Ethan and his pet dog Sunny at the airport, as Peter is flying back from a business trip to Atlanta to attend the birth of his child and Ethan is on his way to Hollywood. But the first indication he has that all is not well is when he is stopped and his luggage searched. Ethan had swapped cases with Peter and there is a marijuana pipe hidden under the clothing.

Somehow Peter still manages to get on a flight, but when Ethan loudly draws attention to Peter using his cell phone by saying that's what terrorists do to set off a bomb, an Air Marshall throws them both off the plane.

But bad luck doesn't stop there for Peter and he finds himself with no money, no credit cards, no means of identity and no hope in hell of getting on another plane as he is now on the No Fly List. Desperate to get back to LA in time for the birth of his child, he has no alternative other than to accept a lift back to Los Angeles with Ethan and his dog Sunny and is completely at his mercy.

Disaster-prone Ethan lurches from one incident to another, with an angry and critical Peter looking more and more likely to burst a blood vessel. Having endured Ethan's over exuberance and near-fatal mistakes, will he survive this cross country road journey that fate has thrown into his path or will he miss the birth of his first-born? The politically-incorrect and gross Ethan becomes increasingly irritating, and yet compelling in the unbelievably funny, irreverent and cringe-making movie, Due Date.

As Ethan leads the reluctant, completely stressed-out Peter into deeper trouble, the nightmare cross-country road trip sees the destruction of several cars, Peter being viciously attacked, his relationships with both his best friend Darryl (Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx: Ray) and his wife Sarah (Michelle Monaghan: Made Of Honor) brought into question and his nerves totally in shreds.

Due Date also features: Juliette Lewis (The Switch) as Heidi; Danny McBride as Lonnie; Jakob Ulrich as Patrick; Todd Phillips as Barry; Rza as Airport Screener and Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper. Co-Producers are David Witz and Jeffrey Wetzel; Director of Photography is Lawrence Sher; Music is by Christophe Beck; Executive Producers are: Thomas Tull, Susan Downey and Scott Budnick; Producers are Todd Phillips and Dan Goldberg; Story by Alan R Cohen and Alan Freedland; and Directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover; Old School). Has some content that may offend.

Two unlikely companions are thrown together on a road trip that turns out to be as life changing as it is outrageous, so tag along on this hilarious journey when Due Date arrives on Blu-ray Triple Play, DVD, On Demand and Digital Download, courtesy of Warner Home Video, on 28 February 2011. Running Time: 95 Minutes | Certificate: 15 | BD Multi-Pack £24.99; DVD £19.99.

"Due Date… unbelievably funny, irreverent and cringe-making" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A painfully funny film. The funniest road movie this century" — Shortlist

"Things get weirdly funny along their raucous road trip… a gross-out road trip to be cherished" — Sunday Mirror

"Painfully funny, perfectly cast, Due Date's one of the finest comedies of the year" — Total Film

Blu-ray/DVD Elements:

Blu-ray edition — Complete Two And A Half Men Scene Featuring Ethan Tremblay | Deleted Scenes | Gag Reel | Due Date: Too Many Questions | Due Date Action Mash-Up

DVD Edition — Gag Reel.