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Dunkirk“Seen as one of the most authentic
  representations of World War II, Dunkirk
  is an amazing piece of historical
  drama, all the more fascinating as the
  remarkable events leading up to
  Operation Dynamo were filmed just
  over a decade after peace was restored
  to a beleaguered Blighty.

FOLLOWING THE ASTONISHING, true-life facts leading up to Operation Dynamo, the rescue of British and allied forces from Nazi-occupied France, the classic 1958 wartime epic Dunkirk is considered to be one of the most accurate depictions of the brutality of war and the bravery of men prepared to lay down their lives for their country.

The interesting perspective on the war begins at the start of Dunkirk with a film within a film of news of progress and the rallying cry of "look out, Hitler, here we come!" With the Germans in Norway and Denmark and closing in on the British army in France, Britain's co-operation with occupied France is now boosted by the allies.

is a moving
and dramatic journey
into the annals
of history
a riveting movie...”
Watching the newsreel is John Holden (Richard Attenborough: Brighton Rock; The Great Escape), who owns a buckle-making factory and is concerned about his wife Grace (Patricia Plunkett), who has not long given birth to their first child.

His friend Charles Foreman (Bernard Lee) is also there, later joined by his wife Diana (Maxine Audley). They seem as far away from the conflict as they could possibly be, but both men are about to become heavily involved, with their acts of heroism that has defined the war.

In France, the British troops have been given the order to pull back and a group of soldiers led by Corporal "Tubby" Binns (John Mills: Ice Cold In Alex; Goodbye Mr Chips; Great Expectations) become separated from their unit when they stay behind to blow up a bridge in an attempt to prevent the Germans from crossing the river and overwhelming the British troops as they retreat.

Tubby and his men race away from the bridge hoping to catch up with their unit but are blocked by refugees fleeing from the approaching enemy with whatever belongings they can carry. They are strafed by a German fighter plane and suffer a number of casualties. Coming across another British unit, they are given food and rest before setting off again only to rush headlong into German troops and then to be cornered by the enemy after they take refuge in an abandoned French farmhouse, where tragedy strikes.

The war-weary Tubby is determined to get his exhausted men to safety, leading them towards the coast where Britain is preparing to rescue the Expeditionary Forces from the beach at Dunkirk, and where they will face further danger and tragedy.

There are not enough military ships in Britain to take all the British and allied troops back home to safety and it would be perilous to send warships too far towards the French coast. Finally "anything that floats" is to be commandeered for Operation Dynamo, the rescue mission — and the positive response of the British people is astounding.

Highly charged and emotive scenes of the little ships and their owners sailing up the Thames past Tower Bridge and leaving Ramsgate Harbour before heading out to sea are followed by even more poignant scenes of rescues and further losses as, under heavy fire, thousands of servicemen struggle to board the rescue boats.

Injured and shocked, battle-scarred soldiers arrive safely back in England against impossible odds. Both John Holden, helped by his young friend Frankie (Sean Barrett), and Charles Foreman have taken their own boats to join the 'little boats' armada.

The rescue scenes are riveting and emotional; part of British and World history and based heavily on a true story representing the heroism of those who fought the war and those who risked their lives to help bring back the wounded and traumatised soldiers.

Vice Admiral Ramsay (Nicholas Hannen) reminds his men that "the French are doing their best. They've had heavy losses, too". This also serves as a reminder of the outstanding courage of the French Resistance, the French army and the unsung heroes and heroines among the people.

Considered to be one of the most authentic representations of conflict during World War II, Dunkirk is a moving and dramatic journey into the annals of history and a riveting movie to boot. Without doubt it is a film for any collection that should not be missed.

With a cast that includes genuine army officers, Dunkirk also features: Robert Urquhart as Mike; Ray Jackson as Barlow; Ronald Hines as Miles; Roland Curran as Harper; Meredith Edwards as Dave Bellman; Michael Bates as Froome; Michel Shillo as Jouvet; Rodney Diak as Pennet; Eddie Byrne as Commander, Tough's Yard; Lionel Jeffries as Colonel, Medical Officer; Victor Maddern as Merchant Seaman; Kenneth Cope as Lt Lumpkin; Denys Graham as Fraser; Barry Foster as Don; Dan Cressy as Joe; and Patrick Allen as Sergeant on Parade Ground.

Music is by Malcolm Arnold, Played by The Sinfonia of London; Music Director is Dock Mathieson; Director of Photography is Paul Beeson, BSC; Screenplay is by David Divine and W P Lipscomb; Technical Advisors are Lt Col Ewan Butler and Lt Cdr John Pidler, DSC, RN (Ret'd); Associate Producer; and Directed by Leslie Norman (The Long, The Short And The Tall).

* STUDIOCANAL announces the release of the new restoration of Leslie Norman's remarkable classic wartime epic Dunkirk (1958), on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download in the UK on 25 September 2017.

DVD & Blu-ray Details: Certificate: PG | Running Time: 134 Minutes Approximately | Extras: Interview With Actor Sean Barrett (Frankie) | Dunkirk Operation Dynamo Newsreel | Young Veteran Ealing Short | John Mills Home Movie Footage | Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery.

"Dunkirk is a moving and dramatic journey into the annals of history and a riveting movie. Without doubt it is a film for any collection"
***** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

EALING STUDIOS' DUNKIRK (1958) is released in the UK as part of STUDIOCANAL'S Vintage Classics Collection: a showcase of iconic British films, all fully restored and featuring brand new extra content:

The film premiered at a special event, on the very beaches of Camber Sands where it was shot, back in September. The event was produced in association with The Luna Cinema and The Vintage Festival and was part of the Britain On Film collection: Coast and Sea.

As well as the screening, it was preceded by archive short films, including a specially compiled montage of footage from the local coastal area at the time of the production by Screen Archive South East.

The event was been made possible as part of a special programme of screenings and events taking place at coastal locations around the UK, stage supported by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN), organisations with funds from the National Lottery and led by Film Hub Central East (Broadway Cinema Nottingham) to launch BFI's Britain on Film Coast and Sea Collection.