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My Name Is Earl — Season Two
My Name Is Earl -- Season Two “Just because you turn
  over a new leaf and
  want to start righting all
  the wrongs you’ve done,
  it doesn’t mean life will
  be plain sailing...”

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. And Earl J Hickey (Jason Lee) suddenly believes in Karma. With his change of heart, he decides to make a list of every-thing he's done wrong and to track down his victims to try to make amends — and make himself into a better person. My Name Is Earl returned to the small screen
on Monday 28 January (2008) when the second season of the award-winning television series was released on DVD by Twen-tieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Having had a small lottery win in Season One, newly-reformed trailer park reprobate Earl had something of an epiphany that has caused him to change his life's journey. This funny and heart-warming series follows Earl's encounters as he faces the very solid ghosts of his past misdeeds, joined by his somewhat dim-witted brother Randy (Ethan Suplee), the sexy Catalina (Nadine Velazquez) — a jumping stripper at a nightclub and cleaner at the motel where Earl and Randy live — Darnell (Eddie Steeples), owner of The Crab Shack bar and Earl's gum-chewing ex-wife Joy (Jaime Pressly), nail technician extraordinaire and bone-idle, self-serving trailer-trash queen.

EarlNot the brightest star in the sky, perhaps, but despite his shortcomings Earl is chalking up his successes. But what can you do to make up for seducing your best friend's mother — marry her? Or for making fun of a hirsute schoolgirl? And how the devil do you atone for making someone believe they've heard the voice of God — particularly when by coming clean you drag them straight back to square one? Or for stealing someone's identity or being responsible for an overweight cat?

In addition to the regular cast, My Name Is Earl — Season Two also features a diverse range of guest appearances, including Christian Slater, who plays a stoner-turned-environmentalist whom Earl and Randy robbed years ago, and Roseanne Barr, who plays Millie, the woman Earl once tricked into thinking he was the voice of God.

Other guest stars include: Jenny McCarthy, who plays a hot gym instructor, Amy Sedaris, an obsessive cat lover, John Waters, an eccentric funeral director, Judy Greer, a bearded lady, and John Leguizamo as Diego the hostage-taker.

Along the way, Earl is kidnapped by gunmen and is refused his applic-ation for a credit card. And he also becomes embroiled in Joy's ongoing court case for grand theft auto and kidnapping. Don't ask!

JoyOne-liners abound, including — Earl: "Women like Randy except when he stops pretending to be someone he isn't"; Joy to Catalina, who has kicked her: "Do that again and I'll make those booby implants fly around the room like a loose balloon"; Judy to her overweight cat: "Mummy won't be too critical because critical mummies make for bulimic teenagers who become needy adults and drink a lot of red wine"; An angry Catalina to Joy: "…your eyeballs are too big — you look like Finding Nemo!" And, when Earl begs Catalina to go back to her job as a jumping stripper so that Chubby (guest star Burt Reynolds) will put up the bail money for Joy: "I will jump for you [Earl], but I will never jump for Joy."

My Name Is Earl was created by Greg Garcia, written by Michael Pennie and Directed by Mark Buckland. Producers include Jason Lee
and Danielle Sanchez-Witzel. Produced by Henry Lange Jr.

Why not crack open the beers, dip the Doritas, get good Karma and jump around your trailer parks — all 23 hilarious episodes of My Name Is EarlSeason Two are now available to own on DVD.

The Season Two DVD is also packed with exclusive material and extras including audio commentaries on a number of episodes with Greg Garcia (creator/executive producer), Jason Lee (Earl), and Ethan Suplee (Randy), a blooper reel, deleted scene outtakes, a featurette on the 'Stoner' episode and a brief video of what Earl would look like if it were a telenovela.

One of the extra features that really stands out is a hilarious set of web cam segments which features the main characters from the show. In his segment, Randy uses the web cam to ask the internet questions and requests that the President changes the order of the keys on computer keyboards to make them alphabetical. The critically-acclaimed My Name Is Earl — Season 2 will be sure to have you in stitches throughout and is sure to make you think twice about Karma.

Special Features and DVD Extras

Audio Commentary and Deleted Scenes on each disc including Karma Take 2 Blooper Reel | The Stoner Files — Robbed a Stoner Blind: From Start to Finish | Six web cam segments with Earl, Randy, Joy, Catalina, Darnell, and 'Earl & Randy' | Featurette: My Name is Earl as a Tele-novela | Fifteen Deleted Scenes with optional audio only introduction with Creator/Executive Producer Greg Garcia.

My Name Is Earl — Season Two DVD Details

Released 28 January 2008 | Running time 508 minutes | 4 Discs | Certificate 12 | Price £34.99 | Catalogue 3604901000.

Episode Guides

Disc 1: Very Bad Things | Jump for Joy | Sticks & Stones | Larceny
of a Kitty Cat | Van Hickey | Made a Lady Think I Was God | Mailbox

Disc 2: Robbed a Stoner Blind | Born a Gamblin' Man | South Of The Border Part Uno | South Of The Border Part Dos | Our 'Cops' Is On | Buried Treasure | Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck

Disc 3: Foreign Exchange Student | Blow | The birthday Party | Guess Who's Coming out of Joy | Harassed a Reporter | Two Balls, Two Strikes | GED

Disc 4: Get a Real Job | The Trial

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