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Earth2: The Complete Series
Earth2: The Complete Series“Return to the future and cross light
  years to the planet G889 with the 1994
  sci-fi television series Earth2, created by
  Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment
  and set in the Twenty-Second Century
  when a polluted Earth forces humans to
  live in space stations while many dream
  of recreating a place to call home..

HAVING ABANDONED AN UNINHABITABLE EARTH due to pollution, Mankind has created what many see as a temporary home in space stations; little realising that three generations on children will be born with a chronic and debilitating illness that is believed to be due to the lack of fresh air and fresh water.

Scientist Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino), whose own son Ulysses (Joey Zimmerman) suffers from the illness, is searching for a healthy environment to help to eradicate the problem. She has identified planet G889, over 20 light years away, as a potential home. Ulysses is the fourth generation to be born on the stations but Devon still remembers stories of the beautiful planet called Earth.

“Steven Spielberg’s
t-miss sci-fi
series is a
rarely-seen classic...
Against government orders, Devon takes a group of people on board a spaceship piloted by Alonzo Solace (Antonio Sabato Jr) and sets out to find and colonise the new planet. It is 2192 and with limited information about their chosen destination, they cannot know what dangers lie ahead of them.

In suspended animation for more than 20 years, the crew awake to get their first glimpse of their new home. But caught in some sort of gravitational pull, they are forced to jettison their cargo of provisions, vehicles and communications systems and abandon the ship in sixteen emergency pods.

With Devon and Alonzo (injured on crash-landing) are others, including: John Danziger (Clancy Brown) and his precocious but healthy daughter True (J Madison Wright), who seems to break every rule in the book; Yale (Sullivan Walker), a cyborg and the fount of much knowledge; Julia Stern, MD (Jessica Steen); and Commander O'Reilly (Richard Bradford: television's Man In A Suitcase).

They are soon joined by Morgan Martin (John Gegenhuber), the Deputy Secretary of Interstellar Development and an habitual nit-picker, and his wife Bess (Rebecca Gayheart), but there are many pods missing. Devon wants to set out for New Pacifica to colonise and to build a new hospital for the sick children. But what initially looks like a green and pleasant land holds many surprises and dangers.

When they find their cargo of supplies, it has been broken into and most of it is gone but they salvage a Hummer vehicle, generators, and a wonderful robot — Zero (Tierre Turner).

True secretly adopts a little creature she has found but it appears to be deadly; then Alonzo begins to experience strange dreams about creatures called Terrians that swim in the earth. They tell him they have met humans before but it doesn't seem to have been a happy experience. Will they prove benevolent? Or hostile?

Devon begins to realise that the files detailing probes of the planet only showed what the government wanted them to and that the reported lack of intelligent life on G889 was a lie. Will the planet hold the key for healing the syndrome and will the group be able to survive?

Ulysses disappears, the commander is killed and a human stranger, Gaal (Tim Curry) joins them. But can he be trusted and what will Devon have to sacrifice for the return of her son? How can they know who is a friend and who an enemy, and will they have enough equipment and enough manpower to fulfil Devon's vision of a brave new world?

The magnificent, don't-miss science fiction series is a rarely-seen classic and was a groundbreaking series created by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. Hailed as a masterpiece that "soared to new sci-fi heights", the series is a genuine lost sci-fi treasure. Finally it is making its debut to DVD in the UK, with all 21 episodes, nearly twenty years after it first aired on television screens to great acclaim from fans and critics alike.

The stellar cast of Earth2: The Complete Series also features: Walter Norman as Walman; Marcia Magus as Magus; Rockman Dunbar as Baines; Beth Colt as Newscaster; Hedy Thom and John Verea as Controllers number 1 and 2; David Elliott, Joe Bradley and Christopher Sutton as Crew Numbers 1, 2 and 3; Virginia Madsen; and Terry O'Quinn.

Music is Composed by David Bergeaud; Directors of Photography include Felix Enriques Alcalá and Steven Lighthill; Coordinating Producer John Melfi; Producer Tony To; Story Created by Billy Ray, Michael Duggan, Carol Flint and Mark Levin; Directors include Jim Charleston; Producers include Michael Duggan and Janace Tashjian.

Earth2: The Complete Series makes its debut to DVD, courtesy of Medium Rare Entertainment, on 28 May 2012. Running Time: 1,015 Minutes | RRP: £39.99 | Catalogue Number: FHED2933.

Bonus features include — Deleted and extended scenes: eight scenes from five episodes (Water, Better Living, Through Morganite, Redemption, All About Eve, Survival of the Fittest), Blooper Reel/Outtakes

"Earth2: The Complete Series… Magnificent, don't miss science fiction series" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"A fantastic show" — DVD Verdict