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Tales From Earthsea
Tales From Earthsea“Terror reigns over the land of Earthsea
  as a malevolent sorcerer causes
  crops to fail and animals to die; and
  with the rare appearance of dragons,
  a master wizard fears for the future
  of the people as the evil spreads in
  the fabulous Studio Ghibli animé Tales
  From Earthsea

OUT ON A STORMY SEA, sailors witness a dragon fight in disbelief. Dragons are never seen in this area and the men are deeply concerned as already there have been signs of impending doom the light of the balance that sustains the world is dimming.

With the failure of crops, diseased sheep and cattle dying, farmers are abandoning their homes to leave them to fall into ruin. The king sends for magicians to help correct the imbalance as the evil spreads throughout the land of Earthsea, but his determination to rid his kingdom of the threat of this dark force seals his fate. He is murdered just before his son Prince Arren (voice of Matt Levin) disappears.

This magnificent animé
is an amazing visual
delight; a terrific tale with
a dramatic and startling
While on a quest to discover and deal with the reason for the chaos, Lord Archmage Sparrowhawk (voice of Timothy Dalton) finds the troubled Arren surrounded by rabid wolves and saves his life. Arren, who refuses to part with his father's sword, is being pursued by a sinister presence and Sparrowhawk tells him that it was no accident that they met.

The two travel together and in a large market town they see slaves and find danger at every turn. Arren rescues Theru (voice of Blaire Restaneo), a young girl with a burn mark on her face, from the slavers; but she runs off, incurring the wrath of their leader Hare (voice of Cheech Marin). Subsequently, Arren is captured and when Sparrowhawk comes to his rescue they move closer to their intertwined destinies.

Sparrowhawk takes the weary Arren to his friend and former priestess Tenar (voice of Mariska Hargitay), where Arren once again meets Theru, who is Tenar's mysterious adopted daughter. The Archmage takes Arren's mount to ride out to investigate the darkness around them, but the slavers, who are the henchmen of the evil wizard Cob (voice of Willem Dafoe), have tracked Sparrowhawk to Tenar's home.

With the power of the faithful wizards diminishing, will Sparrowhawk be strong enough to complete his quest as he once again faces an old adversary? Will Arren, supported by Tenar and Theru, find the determination to shake off the dark forces that follow him? The four must face their darkest hour as Cob's manic obsession with immortality threatens to destroy Earthsea.

An epic tale of redemption and self-discovery, the film is adapted from the much-loved Earthsea novels by respected author Ursula Le Guinn, Studio Ghibli presents a sweeping adventure set in a mythical world filled with magic and enchantment. This magnificent animé is an amazing visual delight; a terrific tale with a dramatic and startling climax.

Benefiting from an acclaimed voice cast, Tales From Earthsea (Japanese title Gedo Senki) also features the voices of: Jeff Bennett; Suzanne Blakeslee; Cathryn Cressida; Pat Fraley; Tress MacNeille; Jessica Gee; Brian George, Grant George and David Lodge. Original Music is by Tamiya Terashima; Screenplay is by Goro Miyazaki, who is also the Director.

Tales From Earthsea is available on Blu-ray from 25 June 2012. Certificate: PG | Feature Running Time: 115 Minutes Approximately | English Language and Japanese with Subtitles | Catalogue Number: OPTBD1083 | RRP: £24.99.


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"Tales From Earthsea… This magnificent animé is an amazing visual delight; a terrific tale with a dramatic and startling climax" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Visually stunning… An epic creation pitched against a backdrop of vividly-hued, sweeping landscapes… A true gem from the Miyazaki dynasty" — i-D Magazine