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Easy Money II: Hard To Kill
Easy Money II: Hard To Kill “From promising business student to
  organised cocaine smuggler. Serving
  hard time in prison, a young man
  becomes determined to turn his life
  around and go straight. But once you’ve
  stepped over the line, is it possible to
  stay on the right side of the law?
  Or will he be tempted back in the second
  instalment of the Easy Money trilogy,
  Easy Money II: Hard To Kill?

IMPRISONED FOR DRUG SMUGGLING, bright former business student Johan "JW" Westlund (Joel Kinnaman: Robocop; The Killing) has already found out that easy money doesn't come cheap. With a promising future ahead of him, he'd risked everything. And ended up in jail.

Three years on and he's earned the right to his first unsupervised leave from prison and he desperately wants to go straight. Pinning all his hopes on a new piece of trading software he has developed, he has offered his friend from college, Niklas "Nippe" Creutz (Joel Spira) fifty per cent in exchange for his credibility in business and Nippe is to present the software to venture capitalist Axel Bolinder (Rolf Jenner).

Easy Money II:
Hard To Kill is an
exciting and
hotly-paced thriller…
it just gets better…”
While in prison, JW is surprised to come up against former enemy Mrado Slovovic (Dragomir Mrsic) but, despite their past differences, the two seem to form an easy friendship.

Meanwhile, his former associates Jorge (Matias Varela) and Mahmoud (Fares Fares) are both looking for a way to make some easy money. Jorge, who has recently lost his mother and who is at loggerheads with his sister Paola (Annika Ryberg Whittemburg), wants to live in style, while Mahmoud owes ruthless Serbian gangster Radovan (Dejan Cukic) a lot of money and Radovan is not somebody to fall foul of.

In desperation, and with Radovan's threats ringing in his ears, Mahmoud steals money from his sister Jamila (Vivianne Romanos) at her wedding, where his father publicly disowns him for his criminal past.

When Nippe hijacks JW's project and cuts him out completely, all ideas of him going straight are thrown out of the window. Devastated at being cheated by his own friend, JW talks to Mrado, who tells him that he knows how to get some serious money.

Mrado has a plan to spring himself from prison and together with JW he embarks on a plan to relieve Radovan of some of his ill-gotten gains from his involvement with prostitution, protection rackets and drugs.

Radovan's accountant and money-launderer, Misha Bladman (Peter Carlberg) who appears to be an innocent family man, is expecting a new cash consignment to be 'cleaned'. But Mrado is not the only one who is thinking about double-crossing the gangster as Jorge has his own plans, little realising that Mahmoud has been given a deadly assignment to save his own skin.

JW has discovered that there is no easy way back to his old life. Rejected by his parents and already badly affected by the disappearance of his beloved sister Camilla seven years before, he is reluctantly back in the thick of it again. With blood on his hands, Mrado has little to lose; but JW had everything in the palm of his hand.

Torture, death and worse await those who cross Radovan, who doesn't care what it takes to keep his criminal empire intact. Based on the novels by Jens Lapidus, this is the second instalment of the Easy Money trilogy. Easy Money II: Hard To Kill is an exciting and hotly-paced thriller, albeit with a bit of a slow start. However, it just gets better. Expect some violence and bad language.

The Easy Money trilogy, beginning with the crucially-acclaimed Easy Money, is a must-see for fans of Nordic cinema or action films. Easy Money II ups the stakes from the exciting first film with more action and more tension and boasting exceptional performances from returning cast members Matias Varela, Dragomir Mrsic, Fares Fares, and Lisa Henni.

Easy Money II: Hard To Kill also features: Madeline Martin as Nadja; Lisa Henni as Sophie; Ricardo Marcelino Araneda Moreno as Victor; Luis Cipuentes as Rolando; Prvoslav Gane Dzakovic as Ratko; and Lea Stojanov as Lovisa.

Music is by Jon Ekstrand; Cinematography by Aril Wretblad, FSF; Screenplay by Maria Karlsson; Collaborating Writers: Peter Birro, Babak Najafi and Fredrik; Produced by Fredrik Wikström Nicastro; Directed by Babak Najafi (Sebbe).

* Easy Money II: Hard To Kill is out on DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes in the UK from Icon Film Distribution on 7 April 2014. Catalogue Number DVD: ICON 10242 | BD: ICON 70242 | Languages: Swedish, English Subtitles | UK RRP DVD: £12.99 | BD: £17.99.

"Easy Money II: Hard To Kill is an exciting and hotly-paced thriller… it just gets better!" Maggie Woods