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Echelon Conspiracy

Echelon Conspiracy“When a computer genius is given
a mobile phone that receives text
  messages promising him untold
  wealth, he little realises that he might
  have to pay the ultimate price in the
  taut thriller Echelon Conspiracy

WOULDN'T YOU LOVE TO HAVE A MOBILE PHONE that gave you very beneficial text messages? Computer whiz-kid Max Peterson (Shane West: Red Sands; The Lodger) is working on a computer system at the National Archives Data Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, and is due to return home the following day when a mysterious package is left for him at the desk of the Bangkok Centre Hotel.

The package contains the very latest mobile phone and Max's first text message offers him a further night in Bangkok free. He assumes it is a special promotion and is shocked when he sees that the flight he would have returned home on has crashed, killing everybody on board.

The second message he receives advises the purchase of Syzor shares and he later discovers that the shares have tripled in value. So when he gets the third message "Riches await you in Prague", he cannot resist checking it out.

Hailing a taxi upon arrival in the Czech Republic, he finds himself being driven by Yuri Malinin (Sergey Gubanov), a Russian who claims he can do anything with a mobile phone. And when he reaches the hotel and starts to play in the casino, he just can't lose.

Having won substantial amounts of money, Max attracts the unwelcome attention of casino manager John Reed (Edward Burns: 27 Dresses; The Holiday), who answers to casino owner Antonin Mueller (Jonathan Pryce) and believes Max is working a system.

While trying to help a young woman, Kamila Martin (Tamara Feldman), Max is knocked unconscious. But is Kamila all that she seems? And Yuri seems intent on getting Max to Moscow, where the Russian apparently has access to the sophisticated equipment that may help to unlock the secrets of Max's mobile.

With the CIA and the FBI — led by agent Dave Grant (Ving Rhames: Surrogates; Mission Impossible II and III) — breathing down his neck, Max is threatened and pursued across the globe as he desperately tries to find the source of the mysterious messages.

He has yet to discover that previous recipients of the mobile have died under mysterious circumstances being investigated by the FBI, and that Grant is co-ordinating with NSA Director Raymond Burke (Martin Sheen: The Departed; Catch Me If You Can) at NSA HQ at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Using CCTV surveillance, Max is being tracked every step of the way. Worse, he is beginning to realise that he is embroiled in a deadly international plot; one that threatens the stability of the whole world. Nothing in life is free — and Max could pay a heavy price for being in possession of the mobile.

Can Max figure out the unfathomable? Will he get to the root of the conspiracy, sort out the enemies from the good guys and find out why he was chosen? How does the controversial debate over the Security Funding Bill being considered by Congress affect the mystery? The very watchable Echelon Conspiracy will give you plenty to think about as this great movie develops into a finely-paced plot.

The high octane adventure movie Echelon Conspiracy features an all-star cast and also stars: Gosha Kutsenko as The Russian General; and Steven Elder as Charles. Director of Photography is Lorenzo Senatore; Music is by Bobby Tahouri; Produced by Roee Sharon Peled, Steve Richards (Gothika; House Of Wax) who is also First Assistant Director and Alexander Leyviman; Story by Michael Nitsberg; Written by Michael Nitsberg and Kevin Elders; Directed by Greg Marcks (11:14).

Max Peterson has to stay one step ahead of a deadly threat in the globe-trotting action thriller Echelon Conspiracy, that comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 4 October 2010 as an ASDA exclusive. Certificate: 12 | Running Time: DVD 1 hr 41m approx / Blu ray 1hr 45m approx | RRP: DVD 12.99; Blu ray 17.99 (With 4 Bonus Featurettes).

"The very watchable Echelon Conspiracy will give you plenty to think about as this great movie develops into a finely-paced plot"
Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Techno-charged with testosterone-fuelled action" — The Hollywood Reporter