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Exit“The action-packed Scandinavian
  thriller Exit explores the cut-throat
  financial investment world as two
  wealthy business partners discharge
  the son of the man who started the
  company; but when the man apparently
  commits suicide and during negotiations
  of a lucrative deal the older partner is
  killed, the younger is arrested putting
  his and his family's lives in terrible

HAVING DISPENSED WITH THE SERVICES of Morgan Nordensträle (Samuel Fröler), whose father built the company they bought, Thomas Skepphult (Mads Mikkelsen: Casino Royale; The Hunt; Hannibal) and his business partner Wilhelm Rahmberg (Börje Ahlstedt) are stunned to hear a shot and discover that Morgan has apparently shot himself.

Seven years later Thomas and Wilhelm are set to negotiate one of the largest, extremely lucrative deals that will see them exit with enough money to set them up for life, when things start to go horribly wrong.

“A terrifically classy,
Nordic delivery;
Exit thrills and grips
you in a perplexing
Thomas is seeking to make a killing but he already seems to have it all his beautiful wife Anna (Kirsti Torhaug), their lovely daughter Ebba (Johanna Dickson), an expensive villa by the water and a financially secure future.

Wilhelm has a shaky marriage to Louise (Kristina Tornouist) and has a secret he has not shared with Thomas: he had set up a CCTV camera in Morgan's office and he has a tape in a hidden drawer in his safe that nobody knows about.

Wilhelm also wants to hand over to reins to Thomas in order to spend more time with his family. But nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems.

First, the deal has been held up by misgivings of senior executive Gabriel Mörk (Johan Rabaeus). Then Wilhelm is beaten to death at his home. Suspicion falls on Thomas as the murder weapon can be linked to him and he has the most to gain as there is an agreement that states that if one partner dies the other can buy his shares for two million Krona.

Thomas is arrested and Detective Diana Malm (Ia Langhammer in an all-too-small role that is never developed) suggests that Thomas should call his lawyer, Philip Ceder (Ulf Friberg). Unfortunately, when he calls him he finds instead he is talking to a man he was certain was dead. A man who menacingly tells him it is "time to settle a debt".

As the prime suspect with damningly conclusive evidence against him, Thomas is locked up; but now he is faced with threats to his family he has to escape and embark on a desperate campaign to prove his innocence and protect his family, calling upon his two most-trusted allies Fabian von Klerking (Alexander Skarsgaård: True Blood) and the tough Preben Smed (Henrik Noël Olesen).

Believing his wife and daughter to be safe with Preben, Thomas risks his own life to track down his adversary. He falls foul of the brutal restaurateur Ahmed Aalam (Hassan Brijany), who has been paid to kidnap Thomas' daughter, but will he ever be able to convince the necessary authorities that he is innocent of murder?

Thomas is a wealthy investor at the peak of his career. He believed himself to be riding high and bulletproof. Now he is given the ultimate test. He has discovered that when things go wrong in the upper echelons of the corporate world and a way out cannot be bought, the wealthy and powerful have to rely on the same basic survival instincts as everyone else.

Comparisons are drawn between Exit and The Fugitive with a man on the run having been accused of something he may not have done. Exit is an excellent action thriller with surprising twists and notably strong performances. Hailed as the best Nordic actor of a generation, Mads Mikkelsen always combines high drama and action convincingly and none more so than here, pitted against a psychotic and menacing villain played by a credible Samuel Fröler.

The massive UK success of subtitled television dramas such as The Killing and Wallander has paved the way for many more top Nordic shows and feature films in an eager UK marketplace. Stylish Swedish production and excellent performances make Exit a must-see for UK Scandi-philes eager for their next fix.

Even without the obvious giveaways of the film's home country it is a terrifically classy, unmistakably Nordic delivery; Exit thrills and grips you in a perplexing did-he-didn't-he maelstrom.

Exit also features: Henrik Nolén as Ake; Vladimir Dikanski as The Russian; and Stig Engström as Anna's Father. Music is by Johan Söderqvist; Cinematographer is Eric Maddison, FSF; Writers are: Håkan Ramsin (Novel) and Jesper Kärrbrink (Novel); Written and Directed by Peter Lindmark.

* Arrow Films is pleased to announce the UK DVD debut of the exhilarating Swedish thriller Exit on 8 July 2013. Language: Danish (English Subtitles) | Catalogue Number: FCD855.

"A terrifically classy, unmistakably Nordic delivery; Exit thrills and grips you in a perplexing did-he-didn't-he maelstrom" Maggie Woods

THE RECENT BOX OFFICE SUCCESSES of Nordic feature films The Hunt (also starring Mads Mikkelsen), A Hijacking (starring Borgen's Pilou Asbaek) and Love Is All You Need (from director Susanne Bier) has inspired Arrow to bring some of the best Scandi films from recent years direct to UK living rooms via the home entertainment market.

Such is the enthusiasm of the British public for all-things-Scandi that Arrow recently held the UK's first ever expo celebrating Scandinavian crime & thriller fiction & film. Featuring the very latest Nordic film and television programmes; specialist Scandi food & drink, a host of other activities and the chance to meet some of the genre's biggest stars, this was a great success and has nurtured hopes of an annual event.