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Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures“Faced with the prospect of losing two
  of his children to the progressive
  Pompe Disease, John Crowley (the
  versatile Brendan Fraser: The Mummy
films; Journey To The Centre Of The
) spends every moment he can
  researching the illness in the hope that
  he can find a medical breakthrough...”

HAVING READ A PAPER entitled Theory Of A Cure For Pompe, Crowley is frustrated in his attempts to talk to the author, reclusive and eccentric medical researcher Dr Robert Stonehill (Academy Award Nominee Harrison Ford: 1985 Best Actor in a Leading Role for Witness), who works out of the University of Nebraska.

Time is running out for 8-year-old Megan (Meredith Droeger) and her 6-year-old brother Patrick (Diego Velazquez) as Crowley's wife Aileen (Golden Globe winner Keri Russell: 1996 Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series, Drama, for Felicity) tries to keep eldest son John Jr (Sam M Hall) and the family positive.

Then Megan is rushed into hospital with respiratory problems and John puts his job at Bristol-Myers in jeopardy by walking out of a meeting with his boss Pete (Alan Ruck) to drive to Nebraska to track down the hard-drinking, difficult and volatile Stonehill. But fate takes a hand and these two unlikely allies team up to battle for a cure for the disease. It is a hard-fought battle that takes Crowley to the very edge and threatens his much-needed friendship with Stonehill — and even his relationship with his children.

Events turn from hopeful to bad to worse as Crowley establishes the Pompe Foundation For Children and connects to other families whose children are suffering with the disease — the inevitable happens and the devastating news comes of a child's death and yet another setback for the Crowleys.

Will Crowley and Stonehill — who opposes the seemingly vital idea of 'surrendering' to the opposition — succeed in finding a cure against impossible odds? Or will time run out before they have the chance to complete their clinical trials? The inspirational, touching drama Extraordinary Measures centres around a man who defied conventional thought and against great odds challenged the medical establishment to pursue an avenue of hope for the lives of his children.

Extraordinary Measures is an outstanding film; portraying the hopes and the disappointments of a family with two sick children whose life expectancy is a maximum of ten years. Brendan Fraser is perfect in the part of John Crowley and is a totally believable desperate father; Harrison Ford is suitably in character as the difficult but kindly Bob Stonehill. The film never fails in its ability to capture its audience until the credits roll and the cast, including the actors who play the children, is commendable for its brilliant character development.

The film also features: Jared Harris as Dr Kent Webber; Patrick Banchau as CEO Erich Loring; David Clennan as Dr George Renzler; Dee Wallace as Sal; Courtney B Vance as Marcus Temple; Ayanna Berkshire as Wendy Temple; Michael Shamberg as Renzler Venture Capitalist 1; and John Crowley as Renzler Venture Capitalist 2.

Extraordinary Measures is a CBS Films picture and was executive produced by Harrison Ford and Nan Morales (Youth In Revolt), along with an all-star team of producers comprising of: Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher (Freedom Writers, World Trade Center, Erin Brockovich) and Carla Santos Shamberg (Erin Brockovich). Music Is By Andrea Guerra; Director Of Photography is Andrew Dunn BSC; and the Screenplay is Written by Academy Award Nominee Robert Nelson Jacobs (2000, Best Writing, Screenplay Based On Material Previously Produced or Published, for Chocolat) from the book The Cure by Pulitzer Prize-winning Writer Geeta Anand. Tom Vaughan (What Happens In Vegas, Starter For 1w0) is the Director and John Crowley is a Consultant.

Extraordinary Measures, the remarkable film about the power of love and courage against impossible odds and inspired by a true story, arrives on DVD courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on 21 June 2010. Certificate: PG | RRP: 19.99 | Running Time: 101 Minutes. Special Features: Deleted Scenes | Meet John Crowley Featurette | Extraordinary Measures: The Power To Overcome Featurette.

"Extraordinary Measures is an outstanding film; portraying the hopes and the disappointments of a family with two sick children" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar