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Farewell To The King
Farewell To The King“Filmed in 1988, the wonderful Farewell
  To The King
is based on a novel by
  Pierre Schoendoerffer set during the
  Second World War in the Pacific where
  an American soldier finds himself
  stranded on the Japanese-occupied
  island of Borneo and has to prove him-
  self to the natives to become accepted
  in order to stay alive..

JUST AFTER THE FALL OF THE PHILIPPINES in April 1942 the Japanese are triumphant in the Pacific. Five American soldiers struggle to keep afloat as their boat is tossed on the rough sea before finally being thrown by the enormous waves towards the coast of Japanese-occupied Borneo.

One of the men dies after being slammed into the rocks and another, American Learoyd (Nick Nolte) becomes separated from his friends only to see them captured by the Japanese and forced to dig their own graves before being shot. From his hiding place, the distressed Learoyd watches the Japanese Colonel Mitamura (Aki Aleong) astride a magnificent horse close by, seemingly unaware of the American.

“A fascinating
and terrible story with
a creditable sense
of period
Deranged and emotionally traumatised, Learoyd quickly makes his way through the jungle to avoid the enemy only to be surrounded by hostile natives…

Three years later British Commandos Nigel Fairbourne (Nigel Havers), a former botanist, and Tenga (Frank McRae), of the King's African Rifles, parachute onto the island to help lead the tribes against the Japanese. Landing in the thick jungle, they immediately come face-to-face with the natives and are taken to the village to stand before their king — Learoyd.

Learoyd has 'gone native' and has married Yoo (Marilyn Tokuda). Fairbourne tries to persuade him to help as he is to organise the resistance among the tribes, but the American is reluctant to become involved.

Fairbourne unwittingly causes the village to come under attack from the Japanese and it is full-scale combat as Learoyd, who is finally beginning to trust Fairbourne and Tenga, seeks revenge.

There is a tough time ahead and a terrible discovery as the Japanese try anything and everything in order to survive as the war draws to a close.

Filmed in 1988 amid spectacular waterfalls and lush jungle, the action-packed adventure classic Farewell To The King tells a fascinating and terrible story with a creditable sense of period. This fine movie has echoes of the script of Director John Milius (Red Dawn) from Apocalypse Now as he makes a similar foray into the "heart of darkness".

Farewell To The King also features: Marius Weyers as Conklin; Elan Oberon as Vivienne (Fairbourne's fiancée); William Wise as Dynamite Dave; John Bennett Perry as General MacArthur; James Fox as Ferguson; Gerry Lopez as Gwai; Wayne Pygram as Bren Armstrong; Richard Morgan as Stretch Lewis; Choy Chang Wing as Lian; and Michael Nissman as General Sutherland.

Based on the novel by Pierre Schoendoerffer, L'Adieu au Roi; Music by Basil Poledouris; Musical Score Performed by The Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra; Director of Photography is Dean Semler ACS; Produced by Albert S Ruddy and André Morgan; Written for the Screen and Directed by John Milius.

Farewell To The King comes to DVD in its first widescreen release, courtesy of Second Sight, on 14 May 2012. Certificate: 12 | Running Time: 112 Minutes | RRP: £15.99 | Catalogue No: 2NDVD3215.

"Farewell To The King tells a fascinating and terrible story with a creditable sense of period" — Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Apocalypse Now revisited" — Time Out