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Flight Of The Navigator
Flight Of The Navigator“A twelve-year-old boy is knocked
  unconscious for a few hours; but when
  he recovers he finds strangers living in
  his home and, although he has not aged,
  he has mysteriously lost eight years
of his life in the riveting sci-fi adventure
  movie Flight Of The Navigator

TWELVE-YEAR-OLD DAVID FREEMAN (Joey Cramer) goes to meet his eight-year-old brother Jeffrey (Albie Whitaker), taking his dog Bruiser, but he ends up blacking-out when he stumbles into a ravine.

In the action-packed sci-fi Flight Of The Navigator, David returns home after what he believes is a few hours later but is panic-stricken when a strange lady, Janet Howard (Iris Acker) answers the door. Deeply distressed, he is calmed down by Janet's husband Larry (Richard Liberty), who calls the Police.

Detective Phil Banks (Raymond Forchion) investigates David's claims of living in the house and discovers that a young boy called David Freeman and matching the boy's description was reported missing in 1978 eight years earlier, and yet the boy has not aged at all.

Flight Of The Navigator
is an absorbing,
 witty, fun-filled sci-fi
adventure that is truly
out of this world...”
The Police contact the missing boy's parents, Helen (Veronica Cartwright) and Bill (Cliff de Young), but David becomes even more frightened as they have aged and Jeff (Matt Adler) is now sixteen. During the eight years he was missing he has been declared legally dead.

David is taken into hospital under the care of Dr Faraday (Howard Hesseman) in the hope that the mystery of his missing years can be solved.

As it becomes obvious that something is very wrong what twelve-year-old can communicate with a computer in binary code? and that in some way his disappearance is linked to the discovery of a strange Unidentified Flying Object, the boy is moved to the NASA research facility where the UFO is being studied.

His life is no longer his own and his parents are unable to help him. Only the reassurance of the kindly intern Carolyn McAdams (Sarah Jessica Parker), who is accompanied by a robot called RALF, gives him relief from his anxiety. NASA believes that David has been abducted by aliens and insist it is a matter of national security that the boy stays with them.

But David keeps hearing a strange voice that guide him to the hidden spaceship where a computer he calls MAX (voice of Paul Mall) whisks him away in the company of strange alien creatures on an incredible journey that he hopes might, at a great risk, take him back to the past where he belongs.

Flight Of The Navigator is an absorbing, witty, fun-filled sci-fi adventure that is truly out of this world. The perfect film for all the family. Filmed on location in Broward County, Florida and at Limelite Studios, Miami, the movie also features: Ted Bartsch as Night-watchman Ellis Brayton; Robert Small as Troy; Jonathan Sanger as Dr Carr and an unforgettable Rusty Pouch as a stunned Gas Station Attendant.

Music is by Alan Silvestri; Director of Photography is James Glennon; Executive Producers are: Jonathan Sanger; Mark Damon and John Hyde; Co-producer is David Joseph; Based on a Story by Mark H Baker; Screenplay by Michael Burton and Matt MacManus; produced by Robby Wald and Dimitri Villard; and Directed by Randal Kleiser.

* Prepare to take off on an adventure of a lifetime with Flight Of The Navigator, the action-packed classic 80's adventure into another world that makes its Blu-ray debut along with a DVD release, courtesy of Second Sight Films, on 19 November 2012.

Running Time: DVD 86 Minutes; Blu-ray 90 Minutes | Catalogue Number: DVD 2NDVD3240; Blu-ray 2NDBR4012 | RRP: DVD 15.99; Blu-ray 17.99.

Special Features: Commentary by director Randal Kleiser and Producer Jonathan Sanger.

"Flight Of The Navigator is an absorbing, witty, fun-filled sci-fi adventure that is truly out of this world" Maggie Woods, MotorBar

"Imaginative and fun" Variety