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Follow The Money (Season Two)
Follow The Money (Season Two) The greedy and the desperate will
  go to great lengths in the pursuit of their
  dreams of riches, leaving devastation
  and misery in their wake; and the dark
  side of the economic world is explored
  in the critically-acclaimed Danish
  financial crime thriller Follow The

THERE ARE BIGGER FISH TO FRY when Fraud Squad Detective Mads (Thomas Bo Larsen) finally looks into a case he had originally dismissed as being of little significance a decision he will have cause to bitterly regret.

Having been visited by Hans Peter (Soren Molling), the owner of a small carpentry business who claimed he was unnecessarily forced into bankruptcy by Nova Bank in mysterious circumstances, Mads fails to see how it concerns the Fraud Squad and tragedy strikes during a hostage situation at the Bank which Mads tries to control.

Follow The Money —
the extraordinary
Nordic Noir series
continues with its
gripping, compelling
As Mads and his partner Alf (Thomas Hwan) begin investigations, Mads feels he has no alternative but to strike out on his own with his unorthodox methods; and it soon becomes apparent that there have been other similar situations that have led to other bankruptcies as he investigates Kasper Eriksen (Joen Højerslev), the man at the bank Hans Peter had dealt with.

Meanwhile, having paid dearly for her involvement in Energreen — one of the most successful energy companies in Denmark, now-disbarred lawyer Claudia (Natalie Madueno) is given the chance to turn her life around following her previous unfortunate choices and eighteen months in prison.

She rarely sees her son, Bertram (Villum Eneström Volstan) who is with his father, Steen (Kasper Leiner), in Paris, France, and her parole officer will only agree to allow her to go to Europe if she has a steady job. An opportunity presents itself in the form of Absalon Bank, run by Simon Absalon (David Dencik) and his sister Amanda (Sonja Richter).

Claudia offers her services to the siblings, finding that Simon prefers to take a back seat, leaving presentations and dealings to his sister, but, although a very competent business person, Amanda has a serious cocaine habit and is not always up to her job.

As rogue bank NovaBank plots to make a bid for Absalon Bank, Claudia cultivates old colleague Ulrikke Bondesen (Karoline Brygmann).

Car mechanic Bimse (Lucas Hansen) becomes involved with the machinations of a dangerous man known as The Swede (but referred to as simply 'P': Claes Ljungmark), when his friend Nicky (Esben Smed Jensen) begins working for him. But Nicky is treading a fine line and is about to step over it into a criminal world that will be impossible leave.

Given the opportunity to use his unique skills, Nicky little realises how deeply he is becoming mixed up with a shocking chain of events. Putting financial gain before friends and loyalties doesn't pay off and when you run with the wolves your life is not your own.

Mads is still on the case but has a problem in his private life. His wife Kristina (Lina Kruse) is pregnant but, having been diagnosed with sclerosis, the pregnancy could put her life at risk.

Mads is keen to go ahead, but both have reservations about Kristina's health and she also feels they are too old to bring up a child. Even this will not make him swerve from his devotion to duty and when he interferes with an ominous situation, alienating his superior Nanna (Sline Slengade), he realises the true depth of the corruption and its far-reaching consequences...

From the Producers of The Killing, Borgen and The Legacy, Follow The Money (The Complete Season Two) involves speculators, swindlers and bent corporate moguls whose lives revolve around creating as much wealth as they can accumulate — no matter what it takes.

The extraordinary series continues with its gripping and compelling storylines that delve into the world of economic crime in the banks, on the stock exchanges, and in the boardrooms where the perpetrators will go to any lengths to create their dream lives.

Critical acclaim continues to grow after Follow The Money beat Trapped for Best Non-English Language Drama Series at London's C21 Drama Awards last November. Earlier this month, the series received six Robert Prisen nominations and won Best (long) TV Series. Per Fly was announced as Best Director, Jeppe Gjervig Gram Best Writer and Thomas Bo Larsen Best Actor. The trophy for Best Supporting Actor went to newcomer Esben Smed.

Follow The Money also features: Johannes Bjørn Schwerin as Albert Justesen; Villum Eneström Valsten as Bertram; Julie Grundtvig Webster as Lina; Anders Heinrichsen as Jens Kristian; Waage Sandø as Knud Christensen; Balder Staahle as Milas; Nicolaj Lie Kaas as Alexander Sødergren (CEO of Energreen); Iben Ejsing Holdgaard as Esther Justesen; Henrik Nöel Olesen as Jan; Mio King Amitzbøll Eriksen as Milas; Birgit Thøt Jensen as Birthe; Amalie Bay as Receptionist; Henning Valin Jakobsen as Preben; and Henrik Jandorf as Mogens.

Series Music By: Tobias Wilner and Sara Savery; Series Cinematography by: Lars Reinholdt, Laust Trier-Mørk, Jonas Alarik, Niels Reedtz Johansen, Eric Kress, Martin Munch, Adam Wallensten, Franz Alexander Borde and Magnus Sort Eidemark. Series Writing Credits: Jeppe Giervig Gram (Principal Author/Creator/Based On An Idea By), Jannik Tai Mosholt (Co-Creator), Anders Frithiof August (Co-Creator/Storylines), Maja Jul Larsen (Episode Writer/Storylines) and Based on an Idea by Tobias Lindholm. Series Produced by: Anders Toft Andersen, Sandra Foss, Ellen Thomassen, Piv Bernth and Veronica Lowes; Series Directed by Søren Balle, Jannik Johansen, Mads Kamp Thulstrup, Per Fly, Søren Kragh-Jaconsen and Kaspar Munk.

* Nordic Noir & Beyond is delighted to announced the DVD Box Set release of the Complete Second Season of Follow The Money on Monday 10 April 2017. Rating: 15 | Running Time: Ten Episodes / 582 Minutes | Catalogue Number: FCD 1498 | Language: Danish (English subtitles).

"Follow The Money… The extraordinary Nordic Noir series continues with its gripping, compelling storylines"
**** — Maggie Woods, MotorBar