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Foyle’s War: The Complete Series Eight
Foyle's War - The Complete Series 8      The brilliant television series on the
  life of a Police DCS during the Second
  World War in Hastings continues
  into its eighth series with the detective,
  now working as an MI5 operative, still
  solving difficult cases during England
  post-war years in the inimitable
  Foyle’s War

A QUICK-WITTED MASTER OF OBSERVATION, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle (the also-inimitable Michael Kitchen) has transferred to MI5 as a senior operative, working for Sir Alec Myerson (Rupert Vansittart) with Hilda Pierce (the wonderful Ellie Haddington) and Arthur Valentine (Tim McMullan).

Having survived the First World War and solved crime in the Second, Foyle is a man of the utmost integrity with a strong sense of justice who has happily seen his pilot son Andrew come home and is still dedicated to keeping England safe.

Foyle’s War is
an amazingly-consistent,
compulsive and
series that never loses
Three powerful new episodes enjoy the same success as previous series'; each one as exciting and fascinating as ever. Surely creator Anthony Horowitz will not deny us any further Foyles?

With perfect casting and compelling scriptwriting, Foyle's War: The Complete Series Eight still features Foyle's enterprising driver Samantha "Sam" Wainwright (Honeysuckle Weeks) now married to local Labour MP Adam Wainwright (Daniel Weyman) and reluctant to give up her much-loved job while in the early stages of pregnancy.

Episode One, High Castle, begins in Southampton Docks in 1942 as two men trying to steal from barrels labelled High Castle Whisky get more than they bargained for. Four years later the body of William Knowles (John Waterhouse), a Professor at University College London, is found murdered. And a bottle of the very same whisky is at his home.

In the professor's pocket is a piece of paper with the London address of Clayton Del Mar (Nigel Lindsay), whose cantankerous and ailing father Andrew (John Mahoney), built the successful company Global American Oil, which may have been involved in shady dealings.

Clayton denies knowing the professor and at the university Foyle learns from Dr Elizabeth Addis (Hermione Gulliford) a former SOE colleague of Hilda that Knowles was on his way to Germany to translate at the Nuremberg Trials. His wife Hillary (Amanda Lawrence) is very sick and needs expensive medical attention.

As Foyle uncovers a war crime and is drawn into the world of corrupt Nazi businessmen it's clear that powerful and well-connected people are trying to conceal secrets. Meanwhile Sam risks posing as a companion to Andrew Del Mar to get more information and Sir Alec steps in to try to prevent Foyle from exposing a traitor who is about to negotiate British interests in the Middle East with the Shah of Iran.

In Trespass, the second episode, a young Jewish man is badly beaten up by two thugs apparently representing the International Unity Party, run by Fascist Charles Lucas (Richard Lintern).

Was Daniel Woolf (Alexander Arnold), the son of wealthy businessman Sir David Woolf (Jonathan Tafler) deliberately singled out, or was it a random anti-Semitic attack? And why will neither Daniel nor his father speak to the Police?

Four months after King David's Hotel in Jerusalem was blown up by terrorists, killing dozens of Jews, Arabs and Britons, indications are that the London Conference may be targeted. Foyle is part of the security team, along with the arrogant Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Clive Ord-Smith (Alex Jennings).

Arriving in London from Palestine, Lea Fisher (Amber Rose Revah) is a young woman with a deadly secret. Blaming the British for her father's death, she seeks out his friend Rabbi Avraham Greenfeld (Finbar Lynch) who, along with his wife Miriam (Yolanda Vazquez) and son Nicholas (William Postlethwaite), take Lea in.

Sam helps out-of-work tram driver Graham Barnes (Michael Begley) to get medical help for his sick son Michael (Oliver Churm), whose life is endangered when a supposedly-peaceful rally turns to violence; and Foyle has to think on his feet to prevent tragedy as a bomb has been primed to explode at the conference…

The final episode, Elise, sees the dedicated Hilda fighting for her life after being shot. Sir Ian Woodhead (Conleth Hill), the Director of Operations of MI6, becomes involved and Foyle and Sam link the shooting to Hilda's wartime work for the SOE when she trained young women who were deployed to France. Could the shooting have anything to do with a suspected traitor in the SOE known as "Plato"?

During the war, Hilda had become very fond of Elise, Sophie Corrigan (Katherine Press), and was devastated when she was killed just a day after arriving in Paris. Sophie's brother Miles (Jesse Fox) blames the SOE for his sister's death and, unknown to his mother Joyce (Emma Fielding), he is out for revenge.

In an attempt to find the wartime SOE traitor Foyle investigates Eric Caplin (James Garnon), Peter Hawtrey (Nick Caldecott) and Luc Tellier (Serge Hazanavicius), and has to stay one step ahead of Miles to prevent him going beyond the point of no return.

Foyle also seeks to expose Surrey golf club owner Damian White (Leo Gregory), the murderous head of a criminal network dealing in stolen cigarettes and forged ration and petrol coupons linked to Arkady Kuznetsov (Serge Soric) the Assistant Military Attache to the Soviet Embassy…

Foyle's War continues to boast staggering audiences. Aired in January on ITV, Foyle's War Series Eight comes to DVD as a bumper three-disc set, complete with two hours of exclusive extra features including Anthony Horowitz on the true history behind each episode.

On DVD the show has achieved fantastic results with sales in excess of one million units, a testament to its incredible popularity. Foyle's War is an amazingly-consistent, compulsive and highly-entertaining series that never loses pace.

Also appearing in Foyle's War: Jeremy Swift as Glenvil Harris; Will Keen as Alan Deakin; Madeleine Potter as Edith Del Mar; George Lasha as Nikolei Leskov; Joseph Drake as Viktor Krasovsky; Ludger Pistor as Herman Linz; Jaime Winstone as Vera Stephens; Ania Marson as Olga Kowalski; Nick Hendrix as Robert Lucas; Matilda Ziegler as Lady Ava Woolf; Colin Mace as Superintendent Alastair Johnstone; Poppy Miller as Dr Karen Bennett; David Ericsson as Kenton; and Julian Lewis Jones as James Stafford.

Composer is Colin Towns; Director of Photography is Tony Coldwell; Executive Producers are: Jill Green, Anthony Horowitz and Nicole Finnan; Produced by John Chapman; Directed by Stuart Orme & Andy Hay. The Imperial War Museum Consultant is Terry Charman.

* Foyle's War: The Complete Series Eight is released in the UK by RLJ Entertainment's Acorn Label on DVD on 19 January 2015 | Running Time: 387 Minutes Approximately on three discs | Catalogue Number: AV3193 | RRP: £24.99.

Special Features Include Meeting John Mahoney | A Day In The Life of Foyle's War | Back In Time with Foyle's War | The Truth Behind The Fiction: Three Postscript Interviews with Writer Anthony Horowitz and Historian Terry Charman.

"Foyle's War is an amazingly-consistent, compulsive and highly-entertaining series that never loses pace" Maggie Woods